The Laird’s Forbidden Lover by Amelia C. Gormley Virtual Tour

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Welcome to the blog tour for The Laird’s Forbidden Lover by Amelia C. Gormley!  This hot Highland historical M/M romance is now available from Riptide Publishing.  Our gracious tour host has been kind enough to interview me today, since I’m a new(er) Riptide author. If you have any questions for me, or just want to say hello, leave a comment below, and you’ll automatically be entered in a drawing to win $5 in store credit to Riptide Publishing! Just make sure you comment by 11:59 pm on 5/10/13 to be entered. Follow the complete tour schedule here.

Welcome, Amelia! Since this is your first time stopping by our site, tell us a little about yourself.

Where/when do you do most of your writing?

I have one of those “breakfast in bed” trays that I keep my laptop on in bed and I write there during the day while my son is at school and after he goes to bed. For some reason I can’t write on my desktop computer. It’s too big and shiny and I’m too distractible.

What does your family think about you writing erotica?

My husband is very amused. I don’t discuss the erotica aspect much with the rest of my family. I just leave it at “romance.”

Okay, now we have to ask—have you ever tested out one of your sex scenes on your husband?

No, I can’t say I have. I get a little shy about him reading my writing before it’s published.

What would you tell a reader who was reluctant to read erotica?

Don’t assume it’s just sex. There’s a lot of stuff that happens on the psychological and character development front if it’s GOOD erotica.

What’s the one thing readers can count on when they pick up a book written by you?

That I’m really going to be getting into the psychology of the characters behind the action in the scene, especially if it’s a sex scene. I think it was Leta Blake who first coined the term “psychological sex” when describing my sex scenes.

You’d self-published a few titles before publishing The Professor’s Rule series (co-written with Heidi Belleau) and The Laird’s Forbidden Lover with Riptide. What made you switch to publishing with a press?

Well, I was definitely drawn in by the prospect of high-quality editing at Riptide, because I’m very particular about editing. But I admit, a part of it was just wanting to see if I could do it, knowing Riptide is particular about who they accept and solicit for submissions. I wanted to know if I could make the cut.

We’re glad you did! Are you attending any conventions in the next year where readers can meet you? Do you think any of your readers would be surprised to meet you in person?

I am going to be at the Gay Romance Northwest meet-up in Seattle in September, and at GayRomLit in Atlanta in October, and then at RainbowCon in Tampa in April. And hmmm, I really don’t know! I’m not sure if my online persona is any different from my in-person persona. I guess we’ll see 😉

Amelia’s new release The Laird’s Forbidden Lover is available here from Riptide Publishing.


Farm lad Iain Munro knows his love affair with Tavish MacIntyre, future Laird of Creachann-Dubh, is dangerous—discovery could mean disgrace and death. But they’ve been in love since they were boys, and they’ve never been able to resist each other, dishonorable though it is to deceive their families.

Young men now, their sexual explorations have deepened and their love for each other has strengthened. But Iain’s father fears for his eldest son’s future, and Tavish faces dangers and duties of his own: his demanding mother would see him respectably wed, and his interfering sister knows too much—and has schemes of her own.

Facing a lifetime apart, Iain and Tavish must leave their childhoods behind for good as they choose between honor and love, innocence and happiness, and their vows before God and to each other.


About Amelia C. Gormley: Amelia C. Gormley may seem like anyone else. But the truth is she sings in the shower, dances doing laundry, and writes blisteringly hot M/M erotic romance while her five-year-old is in kindergarten. When she’s not writing, Amelia single-handedly juggles her husband, her son, their home, and the obstacles of life by turning into an everyday superhero. And that, she supposes, is just like anyone else.

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tori whitaker

love ur books!

Amelia C. Gormley

Thank you! I hope you enjoy this one as well!

Sophia Rose

I look forward to reading this story. I feel the same way about using my lap top on a lap desk in my cozy chair.

Amelia C. Gormley

lol I know, right? I figure if I’m going to work from home, might as well be comfortable!


I enjoyed following your blog tour and will be putting this book on my wish list.
Wishing you much success with Riptide.

strive4bst(AT) yahoo(Dot) com

Amelia C. Gormley

Thank you so much! I’ve enjoyed seeing your comments. Enjoy!


Finished up the book the other day and enjoyed it a lot! Usually heavy dialect in stories detracts from my concentration, but you used it really well. Thanks for the tour!

Amelia C. Gormley

I’m so glad you liked it! Good luck in the drawing!


I’m anxious to read this book about a farm lad and a laird. Makes for a good story!
brendurbanist at gmail dot com

Amelia C. Gormley

Thank you! I hope you enjoy!


Fun interview

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Amelia C. Gormley

Thanks! Good luck in the drawing!

Maria D.

Congratulations to Amelia for her new book with Riptide. Editing is a big issue for me when i read books – a poorly edited book can really take the reader away from the story. Good interview!

Amelia C. Gormley

I agree. Even when I was self-publishing, I made certain to hire a really good editor. Thank you and enjoy!


The Laird’s Forbidden Lover sounds good!

Amelia C. Gormley

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it!

Lori Meehan

Oh this sounds really good. I love highlanders and I’m always looking for a good Story to read. I can’t wait to read this.

Amelia C. Gormley

Wonderful! I sincerely hope you like it!

Joanne B

Congrats on the release. This book sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to read it to see more of Iain annd Tavish. Thanks for the fun interview and giveaway.