Ramblings from RT – PART III


So we still have more highlights and more giveaways!  We just thought it would be better to wait until the weekend to share these last two parts of RT with more of our Terrible Two’s giveaways!  Hope you are enjoying how we wanted to bring RT to you, through the eyes of not only us but your favorite authors and cover models as well.


One of the biggest highlights for me was strengthening the bond of friendships forged from a year ago at RT in Chicago and from GRL in Albuquerque, and to start forging new ones made this year in Kansas City.  It’s a surreal and amazing experience to create such wonderful relationships with people from all over the world, with such a discrete common interest, and to foster those friendships and watch them grow.  There are so many people that I have met through my love of reading, and my life would be missing something had I not.

Another HUGE highlight for me was spending so much time with UTC gals Francesca and Angela.  You two are simply amazing, and I look back on the entire weekend with supreme fondness and laugh at all the wonderful memories we made and the fun we had.  I love how we click like the right pieces of a puzzle.

Lastly, but not least at all, a significant highlight was seeing all the love and attention that the LGBT community is starting to commandeer.  I was so very proud to attend the very first M/M panel at RT, and I loved seeing how much love and respect the genre received through publisher-sponsored parties, spotlights, and author panels.

Leigh, UTC Guest Reviewer


I didn’t think anything could top RT12, but this year made me think every year will only get better and better. So many new friends, so many good times. Favorite moment is definitely dressing femme for the paranormal party only to immediately go put on drag for a friend who’d missed the Romance Pride party. Who knew so many boys & girls wanted to grind on a dirty trucker?

Heidi Cullinan


RT was rockin’ this year. I had such a great time meeting up with authors and bloggers alike. I had some extra great moments at the signing, with fans coming up to talk about my book. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Amanda Carlson


It was an honor to be onstage at the Men of Romance party with the Mr. Romance competitors and winners from past Mr. Romance contests. The guys are class acts, and I was humbled to be a part of the cover model celebration even if I’ve never been on a book cover (well, accept for my own back cover!). I was also shocked by how good-looking Harvey Stables was in person. He’s my spirit animal now.

Andrew Shaffer


Meeting the other amazing cover models who treated me like a brother from the very first minute we met. All the great writers and authors who had nothing but great things to say about John Quinlan. It was an honor to be a cover model for RT’s 30th!

John Quinlan, Cover Model


Okay, so in a nutshell… hanging out with readers and talking to my friends, watching my daughter fangirl over Leanna Renee Heiber & Heather Brewer, meeting Laura Kinsale and David Morrell, the awesome acceptance speeches at the awards show, and the social media panel I did with Jaye Wells, Mandi of Smexy Books, Sarah Wendell and Liliana Hart, which can be summed up in four words… Don’t be a douche.

Shiloh Walker / J.C. Daniels


What I loved most about RT was meeting fans, reconnecting with friends as well as meeting authors I had previously only met online. That’s what I loved most.

Mary Calmes

Eden Bradley’s Top 10 Favorites!

Road to RT-2013

1)     The fun started with driving through four states with friend and Smutkassistant Kitty Kelly to get there. We had some adventures, sang a lot (badly on my part), and we both swear the GPS was trying to lead us to an abandoned house in the middle of a field where someone would later find us tied to an old mattress. Oh, wait-that sounds a bit like my average Saturday night, doesn’t it…?


2)      Getting an awesome backrub from author and new friend Ann Mayburn when I desperately needed it after spending too much of the convention in stilettos. She rocks, for many reasons!


3)      Dressing up in our sugar skull makeup for the paranormal party with Dawn from Day Dreaming blog, Kat the Book Tart, her awesome friend Lisa and author Erin Simone. Half the fun was just putting ourselves together! And I loved the makeup so much I didn’t want to take it off—we stayed up wayyyy too late that night!

4)      The Book Faire! I always love meeting my readers and this year was epic. My readers were so sweet to me, and so many of them were there—I left a very happy writer with absolutely no voice after talking over the crowds for several hours. One of the sweetest moments was when two women brought over a photo of their friend Ursula Avery—one of my most loyal fans and someone I’ve met and adore—and had me take a picture with ‘her’ because she was too sick to make the convention. They carried her all over RT and took pics with authors, the cover models, and made a wonderful photo journal of the event for her. Those are some great friends!

RT flogger-sml

5)      Winning a really beautiful flogger at the BDSM workshop! ‘Nuff said.

6)      My room mate author Robin Rotham and I sitting in our beds eating room service dinner and just hanging out one night when we were too exhausted to do anything else. Those are the real bonding moments!


7)      Cover Model Karaoke! My blog group the Smutketeers and the authors from the Nine Naughty Novelists do this every year, and it’s just too much fun! People come up and sing songs with the gorgeous cover models while we (the authors) sing doo-wop. This year we had models DeLonn Donovan, Charles Paz, Scott Nova, and of course, this years’ star, the wonderful CJ Hollenbach! Talk about a roomful of swoon!

Jaci-Lauren-Eden-Sylvia-Erotica panel RT13-cropped

8)      Being on a panel with my amazing fellow erotic romance authors Jaci Burton, Lauren Dane and the fabulous Sylvia Day! Our sector of the industry is going through incredible changes, and who better to talk about it than my fellow panelists? These are some of the women I’ve learned from in my writing journey, and it was an honor to be included.


9)      Spending half an hour taking shoe pics in the bathroom with fellow shoe fiend, author and new friend Noelle Pierce. It’s all about the shoes!

10)    Actually, it’s all about the people, and I got to see so many old friends, make several new ones, and met tons of readers. Loved every moment!


We are almost coming to an end of our RT recap.
Just one more post.  In the meantime…

We have more TERRIBLE TWO’S giveaways!  Here’s a few you can enter.  These will run until the end of the month.







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Sophia Rose

You guys looked like you had so much fun. Now you have so many wonderful little tid bit stories to tell.

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Great pics. Thanks for sharing.
Carol L

Rita Domingos

I loved this giveaway!! so many amazing prizes. hope to be one of the lucky ones ^_^

Mary Jo

Great Giveaway, love the fun fotos, thanks for sharing the fun.

Lori Meehan

Looks like a good time was had by all.


Happy Anniversary UTC ladies!!! Thank you for two years of great recommendations here’s to many more!!! *raises glass*