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Author Override is the place where authors take the reins and take you on a journey into their world. Some may allow you into their private writing dens. Others may take you along with them on research trips or interviews. Whatever the case may be, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride because here you’ll get an in-depth look into an author’s musings.

My latest release, Nightbound, features among other things a quest for the Fountain of Youth.  Growing up in Florida I heard all the stories about Ponce de León, the 16th century Spanish explorer who supposedly came here in search of it (odds are that he didn’t; a bunch of disgruntled historians may have made up the tale to discredit de León after he died.)  There is a Fountain of Youth tourist attraction in St. Augustine, Florida, but it’s likely that the explorer never got there; today’s historians believe he landed about a hundred and forty miles south of it near Melbourne.

The Fountain of Youth has actually been around for millennia.  World conqueror Alexander the Great was rumored to be obsessed with finding a magical river with waters that were said to reverse the ageing process.  Prester John, a 12th century medieval priest and king reported to rule over an enormous (and probably fictitious) kingdom somewhere near Ethiopia, supposedly had gold-filled rivers and a fountain of youth.

Even today the legend lives on; back in 2006 magician David Copperfield claimed that water from a spring on a Caribbean island he owns had the ability to bring dead leaves, insects and small animals back to life (which was probably very good PR for his private celebrity resort on the same island, as a week’s stay there can cost up to $300,000.00.)

Youth might look good, but I remember exactly what it was like to be young, which is why I compiled this list:

Ten Reasons Why I Never Want to Find the Fountain of Youth

Acne:   A plague from youth I have never missed; during my teen years I used so much Clearasil I should probably own majority shares in Proctor & Gamble.

Bad Hair:  It’s taken forty years for me to make peace with my mop.  Must I return to the days when every morning meant an hour wrestling with the curling iron while trying (and failing) to turn myself into Farrah Fawcett?

Dances:  There are good reasons why people no longer do the Hustle, the Rollercoaster and the Disco Duck.  I say let’s keep it that way.

Driving License:  They’d revoke mine, and I really don’t want to go back to walking, riding my bike, taking the bus or asking my mother to give me a lift (and Mom would tell me to walk.)

Fashion:  My teen wardrobe consisted of baby doll smocks, bell-bottoms, Earth shoes, hip-huggers, platforms, turtlenecks and wrap-around skirts.  If I had to wear those ridiculous clothes again I think my mood ring would go permanently black.

First Kiss:  Or to be more specific, worrying about when it would happen, practicing with a pillow for it, and chewing all those breath mints in anticipation of it — none of which really prepare us for the reality.  In my case, it was a collision of faces and a sloppy peck.  I spent my afterglow moment with a throbbing nose and wondering what the boy had eaten recently that would have that much pepper on it.  Pass.

High School:  Imagine having a root canal performed with no anesthetic for four hours by a near-sighted construction worker with a hammer and chisel.  Now imagine going back to endure another four years of high school.  I don’t know about you, but if given a choice?  I’d rather have that root canal.

Hormones:  Mine expressed themselves in such colorful ways, like all those endless nights I spent writing very bad poetry about the cutest boy in school while listening to Bobby Sherman records and weeping.

Pay Rate:  my top salary in youth was $1.75 per hour working twenty hours a week as a cashier at a drug store next to a bar.  That wonderful job experience primarily involved ringing up cigarettes for drunks and condoms for ladies of the night — thus I’m not eager to revisit the exciting career opportunities available to teen minimum wagers.

Typing:  I did love my old Royal Academy typewriter, but I don’t miss correcting my errors with white-out, getting my fingers inky while changing the ribbons, or discovering my little brother using it as a death trap for his G.I. Joes.

Age certainly has its privileges — and now I think I’ll go hug my teenage daughter, poor girl!


Beaumaris of York has many secrets. No human can know that he’s an immortal Darkyn assigned to Knight’s Realm, the Kyn stronghold disguised as a medieval theme park. And none of his brethren can discover that he’s a half-breed, rescued from slavery as a child. Lately Beau has been yearning for action—and he’s about to find it with his new mission.

Brilliant archaeologist Dr. Alys Stuart is infamous for her extraordinary theories—especially those concerning the mysterious Knights Templar—and she is unaware that her research is funded by the Kyn coffers. When the Kyn sends a vexingly good-looking man to assist—and protect—her, she doesn’t expect the surge of attraction she feels for him.

When a powerful Templar artifact surfaces, Alys and Beau must trust each other enough to stop mankind’s greed for immortality from sparking a war between mortals and Kyn that will destroy the world.

Ms. Viehl has a very special giveaway for all of you!!  Take a look at what one lucky Maiden will get!  This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL.

Nightbound Promo Quilt Bag #4

The contents of this giveaway are:

A batik tote designed and hand-quilted by me

Signed copies of Nightborn, Nightbred and Nightbound, the complete Lords of the Darkyn trilogy

A Cool Gear insulated and reusable hot/cold cup

A package of Biscoff cookies

A box of Celestial Seasoning’s Tension Tamer herbal tea

A pretty blank Confessions journal with lock and key

A fun sword-shaped pen

What do you have to do to enter?
You just have to leave a comment on this post!

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I hear ya about the typewriter, lol! We had an electric typewriter when I was younger (not going to say HOW much younger), and it was fun but the word processor/computer has made everything soo much easier!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

Lynn Viehl

My Royal was a manual (non-electric) so I’m probably a bit oldre than you, Rebe. 🙂 I don’t miss the sticking keys or how the ribbon would tangle, but I kind of miss the clacking sound of typing on those keys. By comparison computer keyboards sound a bit plastic, lol.

One thing on my eternal wish list is to someday get a steampunk-styled keyboard for my computer (like this gorgeous example on Etsy) — but if I do, it absolutely must clack!

Lynn Viehl

oldre = older, sorry. My crew took me out for breakfast this morning and all the orange juice went straight to my brain, lol. Which reminds me, Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there.


I’ve never really thought about the fountain of youth that way, but then again I don’t think I’ve thought about the consequences for it either. Amazing post and amazing giveaway!

Lynn Viehl

Thanks, Eme. I just know if I did regain my youth it would come with all the things I hated about it the first time — or maybe even more for round two. Good luck with the giveaway. 🙂

Rita Domingos

This is a fantastic giveaway for reading lovers like me! I didn’t know this series but now I’m very curious about it … seems to promise hours of excellent entertainment.

Lynn Viehl

I appreciate the kind words, Rita. If you’d like to first try some of my free e-books to get a feel for the series, you can find them in my free online library here (the ones I wrote in the Darkyn universe are Worthy, Willing and Wanted, which are also a short story trilogy; Midnight Blues, Incarnatio and Rain Lashed are all novellas.)


I must have missed the first two books in this series. The theme park is totally new to me. I’ve hooked my sister on your books and she’s currently finishing Frostfire.

After babysitting and delivering papers, my first “real” job was working as a janitor’s assistant in my high school for $2.35. What a thankless, thankless job. It didn’t last long, then I started working as a cashier and front desk clerk in hotels and made BIG money as a teen in the late 70’s, $4.35-$5 an hour.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Lynn Viehl

That WAS big money for the seventies, Anne — and I hear you on the thankless aspect of teen employment. My very first job was working as a summer camp counselor at a preschool. This included indoor and outdoor activities, going to the movies twice a week and rollerskating once a week. For looking after thirty 4 to 5 year olds 8 hrs a day/6 days a week for nine weeks I was paid $100.00 — that’s all, it was a flat fee. I also had to wait until the end of summer to be paid. I got a few… Read more »

Aly P

Funny post, the 10 reasons have me laughing like a crazy person. Thanks for sharing with us 😀

Lynn Viehl

You’d have to be crazy to want to be young again, Aly, that’s why — ha. Good luck with the giveaway.

Sebella Blue

I remember when I first found a Darkyn book in a book store. It was Private Demon, book #2. I was hooked and I went out as soon as I finished Demon and found a copy of If Angels Burn. I have been a die hard fan ever since.

Lynn Viehl

Thanks for investing in the books, Sebella — it’s readers like you who keep me writing.

Susan T.

I agreed. I never want to re-visit my youth again. Such an awkward stage in my life. Adding your books to my TBR pile. Happy. Mother’s Day!

Lynn Viehl

I didn’t recall how awkward I was as a teen until I read your comment, Susan — and now I’m remembering what I klutz I was. Still have the scars to prove it, too. Hope you have a great day, too.

Sebella Blue

I remember when I first found a Darkyn book in a book store. It was Private Demon, book #2. I was hooked and I went out as soon as I finished Demon and found a copy of If Angels Burn. I have been a die hard fan ever since. Great post,. not that I would expect any less.

Lynn Viehl

Deja vu! Lol.


I am with you. I don’t want ever want to be a teenager again. There are some joys for being an adult. For example, I can eat dessert before my main meal, open my birthday presents a day early, and be myself without worrying about considered “weird.” And yes, I probably am weird.

Lynn Viehl

Don’t worry, Sandy, we’re allowed to be weird. We’re also permitted to make our own decisions, chose our path and not have to depend on anyone else to make our way through life. Independence — I really like that part. 🙂


Congrats on the release of “Nightbound,” Lynn. I hear you about fashion, but you never know what will come back in style I never thought jelly shoes would make a comeback and they have.

Lynn Viehl

Jane, my teen daughter is very retro so if anything does come back from the sixties or seventies she usually ends up wearing it. I try not to laugh sometimes, but when she rushed to show me her new marvelous “color-changing” mood ring I about fell on the floor. Then I got mine out of my old HS jewelry box to show her the original — which still worked, can you believe it?


Totally agree with all your reasons never to re live youth! Had a whale of a time in my thirties though 🙂
Thank you for including international in this truly awesome giveaway.

Lynn Viehl

My pleasure, Irene — I think everyone should have a chance regardless of country or residence (but sorry, Martians; I can’t ship to other planets. NASA is really mean that way.)

I had a wonderful time in my thirties, too — although I had two in diapers by the time I was 33, so I was pretty tired 24/7.


I agree about not revisiting my teenage years. They were awkward and awful. I am looking forward to reading this series.

Lynn Viehl

Thanks, Kim — good luck with the giveaway.

Joy Whiteside

would love an opportunity to win, being in Canada, I feel so excluded at times as so many contests are US only, hopefully I can win so I can experience this great author.

Lynn Viehl

Joy, I always make all of my giveaways international. It can be expensive at times, but I don’t like excluding anyone based on geography. If you don’t win this giveaway, stop in at Paperback Writer, my writing blog or Disenchanted & Co., my new series blog. I generally hold giveaways at least once a month at both for books (mine and other authors’) and other neat stuff.


Age definitely has its bonuses 😉 I’m not quite sure I would want to revisit my teen years, now my 20s that is a whole other discussion >.< I have enjoyed your word in the past and look forward to more adventures!!

Lynn Viehl

I appreciate you stopping by, Kassandra (and yeah, my twenties were pretty neat. Not sure I want to go back to wearing hot pink, electric blue and neon green, though — they were a big hit in those days, lol.)

Carol L

I have to agree with you on the fashion. When I see old pics of myself wearing Bell Bottoms, earth shoes and platforms I want to gag. lol And the manual typewriters we had, well I actually wouldn’t mind using one again. 🙂 Thanks for this amazing giveaway Lynn.
Carol L

Lynn Viehl

Bell bottoms look so funny now that everyone wears skinny jeans, don’t they, Carol? But back in the day we thought they were just SO hip. The coolest girl in school wore such wide bell bottoms they flapped like flags when she walked down the hall.


I agree too. I’ve great memories of my teen years but I don’t want to ever go back to them. Too much angst and drama.

Lynn Viehl

Drama, yes, definitely do not miss my angsty dark poet years. I think I might have been the very first Goth, though, ha.

Marlene Breakfield

I would like to find the fountain of youth, because I have arthritis and I would love to not have it anymore. That is a super cool giveaway. I especially, like the sword pen.

Lynn Viehl

I have the RA version, Marlene, but mine hit in my twenties so going back in time wouldn’t help much. I also started getting gray hair in high school, argh.

Chinyere Ezinwanyi

Hi Lynn,
I feel like I’ve been stalking you for years. I’m still waiting for john Keller and Richards novella. I miss the old Darkyn world as it was grittier. I plan to read this new installment soon. Thanks for keeping this series alive.

Lynn Viehl

Oh, you’re too nice to be a stalker, my dear — and I do hope you like the new trilogy. Good luck with the giveaway.


Great post! I’ve visited in Florida what they think to be the fountain of youth and the water tasted NASTY…I ended up spitting it out! I agree with most of your list and I also LOVED my typewriter but whiteout…ugh…considering how many mistakes I made. But on a regular basis, I do threaten my laptop that it will be replaced by a typewriter (if I could find one)! LOL

books4me67 at ymail dot com

Lynn Viehl

I’ve been tempted to buy a typewriter, too, Barrie, only I know my hands wouldn’t withstand the punishment as well as they did in my teens (one of the few benefits of youth: joints that actually worked!) I went to the same spring but I wasn’t as brave as you; that day it smelled very strong of sulfur — not at all pleasant, unless you like rotten eggs. 🙁

Nicole Laverdure

Amazing giveaway! thank you Lynn for including Canada! Congratulation on the release of your book Nightbound! I love paranormal romances with immortals. I never want to re-visit my teenage years. Because women’s role in society just started to change, women started to feel better about themselves. We had a long way to go compared to today. OMG I just read the description of your book and read this: Beaumaris of York has many secrets. No human can know that he’s an immortal Darkyn assigned to Knight’s Realm. This book seems very addictive! I have a profile on Goodreads and when… Read more »

Lynn Viehl

Things were a lot tougher for women back then, Nicole, but they were so determined to see that their daughters had better lives that I’ll guess they didn’t mind fighting for us. When I was very young I went on an outing to the city with my aunt and we saw a demonstration by women who were burning a large pile of bras. When I asked my aunt why she said “They’re old but they can’t throw them away or the garbage men might see them.” 🙂

Alicia Jespersen

I love these author overrides! I always learn so many new things about my favorite authors! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Lynn Viehl

I appreciate you stopping in, Alicia, and I love visiting Under the Covers. I have the best chats with readers here, and Francesca and her ladies are always so gracious. If only we could clone them . . .


Ok so I never thought of it that way when it came to fining the fountain of youth, I definitely see your point. Lol. But if you could find the perfect formula that would keep you at the adult age that you prefer most, would you do it? 😉 great post! Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway! 🙂

Lynn Viehl

Emilia, if there was such a formula, honestly I’d probably pass it to someone coping with a disease or disability that has prevented them from enjoying a full life. If anyone deserves a second chance, it’s someone who didn’t get one in the first place.


That’s such an wonderful a selfless response Just another reason it makes you awesome! 🙂

Lynn Viehl

During my years in the medical field I saw too many kids with leukemia and other diseases pass away before they even got a chance to live, Emilia. When I was reading your comment I also thought of all the young people who were killed or suffered terrible injuries in the Boston Marathon bombings last month. I don’t think it would be difficult for any of us to pass that kind of gift onto any one of them.


Very true. When it comes to children, I think we should do anything and everything we possibly can to make everything better for them.


Holy Crow I want that keyboard! It is beyond cool. I had a Royal as well. The keys were stiff and hard to push and I would get frustrated trying to get the darned thing to keep up with me. I spent many hours trying to untangle the keys. I also remember bad school dances where the popular kids were on the floor and the rest of us stood along the wall, the godawful bus rides when the morning was already 90 degrees and rising and by the time I got to school, my hair looked like a gone-to-seed dandelion,… Read more »

Lynn Viehl

Is that not the most rocking keyboard you’ve ever seen? I love the black and silver; makes me think of Zorro, lol.

I was never very good at dancing or mingling in high school, so I held up the wall, too. I also remember the horrors of having to wear hand-me-downs on the first day, when everyone else had new clothes. Funny how things seem so dire to us as kids.

Leanna h

I don’t think that I would want to go back and be a teenager again but I would like to go back to my 20s when I was healthy.

Lynn Viehl

Good health is one thing I wouldn’t mind getting, Leanna, not that I was ever very healthy to begin with. I’d also like to be able to run — haven’t done that since my twenties due to a very bad knee.


Nice list of reasons

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Lynn Viehl

Thanks, bn, and good luck with the giveaway. 🙂

denise Fick

Thank you for the great giveaway! I would love to read those books!

Lynn Viehl

I appreciate the kind words, Denise, and good luck. 🙂


Thanks for the great giveaway. I’d love to read your books.

Lynn Viehl

If you win you’ll have tea and cookies, too, lol. 🙂 Good luck!


Absolutely love this series!!! Have them all as well as the Darkyn and Kyndred Novels!!!
Want more please!!! 🙂

Lynn Viehl

Your support is wonderful, thank you, Gi.

Fran K

Oh that was so funny. I agree with you on everything! My typewritter was a Remington and I hated carbon paper. I used to have to use 4 or 5 carbons at work & rubbing out was a pain. Here in the UK, you had to be 17 before you could get a driving licence and 16 before you could work part time, so my first job was as a “Saturday girl” in a stationers for £4 a day. Oh I’m so glad I’m not a teenager anymore but then the 70s weren’t exactly a time of feminine power. I… Read more »

Lynn Viehl

Carbon paper! Oh, Fran, that brings back some very bad memories, ha. We couldn’t copy anything we typed, so at every office job I had we were required to use carbons and second pages. Ours were blue, and would get on our hands and shed on everything. We never dared wear anything white to work because it would end up covered in blue smudges.

Thanks for investing in Nightbound and the kind words — you’re a treasure. 🙂

Elizabeth P

awesome giveaway….thank you!!

Lynn Viehl

I’m glad you like it, Elizabeth, and good luck!


Thanks for a fun post and congrats to Lynn on the new release! LOL.. when you break it down that way, it kinda ruins the appeal of The Fountain of Youth 🙂

Lynn Viehl

Youth is really overrated, Erin. I spent mine mostly wishing I was an adult. Age, on the other hand, is never fully appreciated, either; most older folks do everything they can to look young. Are we ever happy, I wonder?

Liberty Ann Ireland

Lynn ~ This is such a fun post and I totally agree! wouldn’t go back to all of that for all the Tea in China! lol

You have designed such a wonderful gift. Thank you!!! I hope you are having a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Lynn Viehl

I am particularly proud of this bag; it’s one of the first in a new design I came up with for my readers at my series blog. It has all hidden seams but is very simple to make (and if you sew and would like to make one of your own, you can find the directions here.)

Maria D.

Lol…great guest post! When you put it the way Ms. Veihl has – I have to agree that I would not want to find the fountain of youth…while I didn’t have quite the horrific fashion choices – bell bottoms where out by the time I got to be a teen- there are plenty of other fashion choices that when I look a them they make me cringe! The only thing I would want from youth are better joints, more energy and a chance to change some decisions I’ve made…but that’s it. Thanks for the great givewawy!

Lynn Viehl

I think it’s like Fran said, Maria — it would probably be cheating if we went back in time with the knowledge experience has given us. I know I surely wouldn’t spend half my teens trying to “wing” the sides of my hair — or waste my twenties trying to make it pouffier for the big hair trend. Lord, I’m so happy big hair went out of style . . . .

Becki Wyer

Thank you so much for the post. The giveaway looks awesome.
rmwyer at shaw dot ca

Lynn Viehl

My pleasure, Becki, and good luck!

Ann S.

I think a fountain of youth would be ok for the physical, but I don’t want to live forever. I wouldn’t mind my eighteen year old body, but the terrible eighteen year old judgement no thank you. My first car was a turquoise convertible and I thought I was so cool, but my first job was cleaning the school grounds in the aftenoon. I only did it to prove to my parents that I really wanted to go to Germany as an exchange student. I got to go because they figured if their prissy daughter would rake garbage she must… Read more »

Lynn Viehl

You picked the right place to go, Ann. Germany is a wonderful country; I was a teen the first time I visited and it was amazing — the food, the people, the countryside . . . and the chocolate. I still miss these little hazelnut chocolates they sold in the sweet shops that were square and wrapped in blue foil. They had something in them that made your mouth cool — can’t remember the name now but I think I ate my weight in those chocolates. 🙂

Bonnie Bee

Since I still have acne issues while facing the big five-oh, I think I’ll pass on that cup of youth, thankyouverymuch. I’d rather have a fountain of never-ending gold coins! LOL

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, and a special thought for all those who couldn’t be moms but who make great aunties, or gr’anties, as I like to call’em.

– Bonnie Bee

Lynn Viehl

That’s really sweet, Bonnie, and I second that — much love to all the ladies out there who give so much to the children around them; you are their heart moms. 🙂


If you found the fountain of youth, wouldn’t you be able to live life like modern age group you become. And would you have to become a teenager? I wouldn’t mind early 20s forever too much. Perhaps 21. I certainly don’t want stuck in a time warp.

Sounds like a very interesting book, however.

Lynn Viehl

When I look at all the gadgets young people use today I can honestly say I would probably make a terrible teenager now, Robin. I can’t even figure out how to make a call on my daughter’s smart phone; she tries to show me every time and then simply takes the phone away and dials it for me. Also, this generation’s music . . . not really my thing. I miss songs I could sing to in the car when no one was listening. 🙂

Angie M

There is no way I want to go back to being the emotional mess I was as a teenager. Middle age is much better! Self confidence was not something I had much of in high school! I’m glad to be who I am and not worry about what others think of me.
We should all hug any teenagers we know!
Congrats on the new release!

Lynn Viehl

At random moments today I’ve been hugging my daughter, Angie, while murmuring “You poor thing!” I’m pretty sure it’s driving her crazy now. 🙂

I don’t know that I’ve ever been all that self-confident at any age, but one thing I have learned is how to read people, spot signs of a toxic personality, and exit stage right before they can get their claws in me. I didn’t know that when I was younger — I didn’t figure it out until my mid-forties, actually — so I had some friendships I thought were genuine do a lot of damage.

Jen B.

Honestly, I didn’t have the worst high school experience. I was lucky by way of acne. I wouldn’t want to find the fountain of youth because I can imagine all the losers from high school being jerks all over again!

Lynn Viehl

It’s always something, Jen. One unhappy soul at my high school decided she didn’t like me because I was a redhead (obviously, a major crime on my part) and spent four years yelling out “Red Alert” whenever she saw me. Not as bad as the name-calling is these days, I imagine, but awful when you’re shy and don’t want anyone looking at you.

Chelsea B.

HA! Absolutely adored this post, and agree completely! Maybe if I could stay the age I am NOW… But, no, I would not want to revert!

Lynn Viehl

I like the age I am now, too, Chelsea — and my guy does, too. 🙂

Mary Jo

What a great prize and post! Love Lynn Viehl

Lynn Viehl

Thanks Mary Jo — good luck!

Martha Lawson

I whole heartedly agree with the 10 ten!! Remember all those things – no way do I wnat to redo them.. Great giveaway, thanks for the chance.

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

Lynn Viehl

My pleasure, Martha — and no do-overs included, I promise. 🙂

Lisa M

If I could go back, and know what I know now, I’d give high school a shot again. BWAH HA HA!
Thanks for the giveaway, Lynn!

Lynn Viehl

You’re braver than me, Lisa. I doubt I could step foot in my old high school even as an adult. Probably why I haven’t gone to any of the reunions — why go back where I never wanted to be in the first place, lol.

Lori Meehan

Lynn you are a new author to me. Your books sound really good I need to look them up.

Lynn Viehl

Thanks, Lori, and I hope you find something that appeals to you. 🙂


How have I missed this series? Thank you for this post. I have to read these.

Lynn Viehl

With so many books on the market, Patti, it’s easy to miss plenty. I hope you have a chance to check out my work.

Mary Preston

I’m quite happy to age – slowly. I can see nothing but trouble by finding The Fountain of Youth.

Lynn Viehl

Back when I was a teen they had a movie titled “Logan’s Run” which showed what happened to a society of people who never aged past 30, Mary. Made me very happy to get older. 🙂


I was just discussing with some friends how glad I was that I’m an adult and so freaking thankful I don’t have to redo my teen years. 🙂 I second the Acne and High school comments…I do not miss the unending embarrassment of being a teen.

Lynn Viehl

It’s really tough to be a kid, Dee, and even more so now, I think. Our youth have so many pressures on them that my generation didn’t have. I shudder to think of what my teens would have been like with the Facebook thing . . .


I’m new to this author and her books. In one of the early comments, I noticed Lynn’s reply about her free on-line library to get a feel for this series. I will need to check it out.
I can identify with a lot of your ten reasons. LOL. Thanks for the fantastic contest.

Lynn Viehl

I do recommend everyone try one of my free -book stories first, Jess — that way you can decide if you like my work enough to splurge on the novels for sale. 🙂

Barbara Elness

I definitely would not want to revisit my teen years either. I loved the list and agree with it all, especially the clothing. My teen years were in the late sixties, so yeah, those are not clothes I’d want to wear again. And the typing – I used a typewriter at work for many years and was thrilled to get a correctable one, no more white-out or erasers. 😀 And then we got computers, I was in heaven.

Lynn Viehl

You probably remember those white knee-high boots we wore back in the day, Barbara. They were very big with the stars of Laugh-In, and my more fashionable sister had a pair she wore with everything. I still chuckle, remembering those boots.

Anna Bowling

Lynn, I remember those inky fingers all too well. I’m very happy to reserve the White-Out for art journaling these days.

I don’t think I’d want to live through high school again, but perhaps a quick visit to tell teenage me how much better it would get, that might be tempting.

Lynn Viehl

I wish I could get a message back to the teen me, too, Anna. She had to listen to innumerable wise adults tell her she’d never get anything published and she should study something more practical than writing or simply wait to get married. 🙂