Review: Beast by Pepper Pace

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Review: Beast by Pepper Pace

5 Stars

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Released: September 22, 2012
Pages: 401

I love a good Beauty and the Beast retelling, so chucking in a six and half foot tall marine and a plus sized heroine and I am in book heaven with no intention of leaving.~ Under the Covers

Christopher aka “Beast” has a badly mangled face, all people ever see when they look at his scarred face and massive body is a monster, never really knowing the man he is underneath. Ashleigh has had her heartbroken once again, men thinking they can walk all over her just because she is plus sized. When the two meet can they both get past their own prejudices and insecurities and create their own Beauty & the Beast fairy tale?

I may have found a new author to stalk, Pepper Pace has completely blown me away with this book! I love a good Beauty and the Beast retelling, so chucking in a six and half foot tall marine and a plus sized heroine and I am in book heaven with no intention of leaving.

As soon as I started reading about Beast, I knew I would love him he was a gentle giant and extremely lonely as no one, especially women, saw past his disfigured face. When I say disfigured I mean Phantom of the Opera style scarred and not just a little scar that goes across his check and make him look both sexy and dangerous. I liked that Ms Pace was brave enough to go all out and make a genuinely scary and ugly looking hero and although I like to say and think I would never judge someone by looking at their face, I am honest enough to say that I very well might have done, and if I had I would have lost out on one amazing guy, he is definitely having a starring role in my book boyfriend harem. 

With Ashleigh, it took me a while to warm up to her and it seemed liked it was deliberate, she was a bit shallow and despite knowing people judged her by her appearance she did exactly the same to everyone else. But as the book progressed and you got to know Ashleigh and you see her and Christopher’s relationship bloom I found myself starting to really like and respect her.

This was a fabulous romance, it was sweet but intense; the chemistry between Chris and Ashleigh built gradually and then exploded off the page. Beast was solely focused on the two main characters it had no minor intrigue or suspense plot going on in the background; there were no crazy exes or long forgotten enemies, I liked that it unashamedly followed the romance without adding unnecessary plot elements in.

This was a fantastic read, already I can feel the urge to reread it, it had unforgettable main characters, a passionate romance and although the writing may not be very polished it made up for it with lots of heart. I highly recommend this!

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Pepper Pace IS terrific, with a number of super romances, always sexy, always with an edge. It’s wonderful to see her work reviewed here. My other favorites of hers are Wheels of Steel and Juicy.

Under the Covers Book Blog

Hi Mzcue, I haven’t read any of those ones! I will have to go and grab them I loved this book I didn’t want it to end!



Oooh I’m intrigued…thanks Suz!

Under the Covers Book Blog

Hi Timitra, it is really good! You should go check it out, I couldn’t put it down once I started!


Lori Meehan

Thanks so much or the glowing review. I’m going to amazon right now. You’ve sold me.

Under the Covers Book Blog

Woohoo! I am glad I sold ya! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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