Covers to Covet

This will be the KMM special edition of Covers to Covet. KMM recently revealed the cover of the next book in the Fever series, BURNED. You cannot imagine my excitement in seeing this because I ADORE HER AND THIS SERIES!! This will be the second book in Dani’s POV.


Though no release date has been set, KMM has mentioned that, “there is no official release date set for BURNED but apparently somewhere out there people are speculating January 2014. It is very possible there will be 14 months between ICED and BURNED. But as yet nothing confirmed.”

2014!?!?!?!!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! My heart bleeds.

Here’s another graphic that KMM shared on her fb page


And lastly she has also released the paperback cover of ICED.


I may need this as well! Look at that hot man candy!

So tell us what you think of the covers! Are you a Fever fanatic?

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Rita Domingos

OMG ^_^ I love Karen Marie Moning, can’t wait for this…

Maria D.

Both are good covers …..I am not surprised over the 2014 date though….lol

Bookworm Brandee

I really loved the cover of the Iced hardback…but MMMM, MMMMM!! I’m loving the paperback version! I.AM.A.TOTAL.FEVER.FANATIC!!!! And even though I’ll hate the wait, KMM always makes it worth it! 🙂

Sophia Rose

Oh yes!!!!


I love these covers! Hell yes! I’m a fever fanatic although I’m behind in the series, I plan to catch up at the end of this semester!

Zina Lynch

Oh, yes I love love love them, I’ll be buying paperback too just for the cover! I already have a HB of Iced.