ARC Review: Uncommon Pleasure by Anne Calhoun

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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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ARC Review: Uncommon Pleasure by Anne Calhoun
Uncommon Pleasure

3.5 Stars

Book Info

Released: Mar 5, 2013
Series: Uncommon #1
Pages: 304
Format: ARC


Calhoun knows just when to tease and when to indulge, bringing readers to the brink and back again. ~ Under the Covers

First off, let us all take a moment to admire the orgasmic cover. Paul Marron does everyone some good. *ovaries explode*

Anne Calhoun delivers two short stories in UNCOMMON PLEASURE that is edgy and daring. OVER THE EDGE features Ty Hendricks and Lauren Kincaid. In Ty’s last assignment, an incident has caused him to cut himself off from the world. But Lauren might be enough to tempt him to come back to life.

I enjoyed OVER THE EDGE. Right off the bat, you can see that Calhoun is an exception writer. Eloquent and free-flowing, the words seem to pour out of her and stream into a beautiful prose. With this level of writing and Calhoun’s ability to write incredibly hot sex scenes, there is no wonder why Anne is becoming a heavily sought out name in Erotic Romance.

The sex scenes are very well done. Calhoun knows just when to tease and when to indulge, bringing readers to the brink and back again. The threesome was hotter than hell and made for a great way to introduce Sean in a way that was memorable and hooks readers right in.

However, I didn’t immediately feel the spark between Ty and Lauren and that is why I didn’t think this story was as great as it could have been. Ty is very reserved and that affected the way I connected with him.

In the second story, ALL ON THE LINE, Calhoun gives Sean his own story. Abby Simmons fell in love with Sean before he was deployed in Afghanistan. Time apart meant that the both of them have moved on…or so they thought. When Sean returns home hoping to rekindle what they had, he finds Abby all grown up and a woman in her own right.

I liked ALL ON THE LINE better than the first story mostly because of the hero. I thought the story and conflict was stronger in this one and the sex is great as always. The thing that bothered me about this story was the presence of another threesome. In the first story, I thought it worked well. However, by the time the threesome rolled around in this one, I immediately thought, Again? Something didn’t click for me and I didn’t believe in it because I couldn’t understand why it was happening again.

Overall, I enjoyed UNCOMMON PLEASURE. Calhoun’s writing is explosive and daring. I can’t wait to see what she has planned next!


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About Anne Calhoun

After doing time at Fortune 500 companies on both coasts, I found myself living in the suburbs of a small Midwestern city. The glamour of various cube farm jobs had worn off, so I gave up making a decent living to take Joseph Campbell’s advice and follow my bliss: writing romance.


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I love this cover…thanks for the review Ann!

Lori Meehan

Thanks Ann. Hot guy on the cover 🙂

Under the Covers Book Blog

Nom nom is what I say!


Already pre-ordered this book due to the HAWT Paul Marron cover. Paul…..