Love is in the Air Giveaway Hop!

It’s here!!!  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to start hopping and win some awesome books.  We are hosting LOVE IS IN THE AIR for the second year, and we are excited about all the prizes you’ll be able to win hopping.  Check out all the participating blogs (list at the bottom of this post).

Now check out what we have to give away!


You are seeing that right.
It’s a copy of ILLICIT by Opal Carew.
This is not even out for sale until February 26!

What began as a steamy weekend fling is about to change their lives forever.

When Lindsay receives a mysterious invitation to live out her most illicit fantasies, she thinks it’s her best friend playing a joke.  Little does she know, the invitation is from someone else.  Someone who knows her deepest desires…and intends to fulfill them.

Erik is a man of many secrets, and he intends to keep it that way.  When he invites Lindsay to his mansion, he thinks it’s just for a steamy weekend fling.  But from their first night together, there’s an inexplicably deep connection that shakes him to his core.  And with Lindsay in his arms, he feels both thrilled and unnerved.  As Lindsay brings his fantasies to life, he’s unwilling to let her go. But can he tell her how he knows her deepest desires, and will she stay with him if she learns the truth?

You’re invited…to explore your most forbidden desires with ILLICIT from author Opal Carew.



And now it’s time to start hopping. Have fun!

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Amanda P

The anti-valentines day party my roommate and I had in college. By some twist of fate most in our group of friends were single tor v-day that year. So we made a whole bunch of food, drank a whole bunch of wine and then went to the bars. It was good times!

-Amanda P
Where the Night Kind Roam

Lets Get Romantical


Fav memory… oooh….
We were living in Knoxville, TN. The hubby and I went on a double date with my partner and his fiance to The Vagina Monologues to see a good friend who was directing and performing at UT…. followed by hanging out at a pub. Except we could not find the pub… but we found a sandwich shop, Jimmie Johns, which is now a fav!

trish dechant

My favorite memory is when my hubby made my very first card–with red construction paper, he cut out a heart-shaped card, and used white-out to write the words “Be Mine” on the front. 🙂 I loved it and cried. He is and has never been the fru-fru romantic, but that was the best card I have ever received.
Great giveaway!

Lisa Sasso Uranker

My boyfriend gave me a charm for my bracelet that says it all. He is my favorite memory. Thanks for the giveaway!

Susan D. Taylor

Seeing my husband (before we married) coming through the door after driving for 18 hours straight to make it back on Valentine’s Day.

Grace Fonseca

My oh my. That looks very nice. I want it. My ex-boyfriend gave me a dog, a white terrier which I named Scottie.


Kaylyn D.

When I was pregnant my hubby ran me a bubble bath and poured us cranapple in our wine glasses. I was sick and he still tried his very best to make it romantic. He succeeded lol

Orsayor Simmons

My favorite Valentines Day memory was when my husband asked me to marry him.. I just knew i was going to get a karaoke machine.. so i came home from work looking for it.. I couldnt find it.. Then he told me my gift was in the closet… Umm I had already searched the closet… Then he pulled a box out of his suit jacket and popped the question


My homemade valentines cards from my daughter when she was younger will always be my favorites. It is such a great feeling when I come across them and remember the day 🙂

Maria D.

I don’t really have a favorite valentines day memory….lol….I guess I need to make one:)

eli yanti

nothing special, just exchange val’s gift 🙂

Karin Anderson

In college, my group of friends all had Valentine’s Day surprises planned! Seriously, we all separately had planned on surprising each other. It was crazy-fun. They guys made us tin-foil roses, those fortune paper things and a cup of chocolates. Two of the other girls made pancakes, eggs and coffee/orange juice for breakfast in the dorm kitchen. I had put together a little scavenger hunt throughout the dorm with chocolate at the end. It was a lot of crazy, amazing fun with friends.


Just a nice dinner and home to watch TV and other things, lol.

Sue G.

When hubby and I were in college, I went to his college for the Valentine’s Day weekend. When I walked in his apartment, all of his roommates were gone and the table was set for a romantic dinner with candles and everything! It was a very memorable weekend! 😉

Normandie Alleman

My favorite memory was actually when a precious little boy from piano lessons hand made a Valentine’s Day card for my daughter. His mother told me about it as we waited outside for them. (Their lessons were back to back and he had called the teacher ahead of time telling her he planned to present the Valentine to my daughter and profess his love.) They were about ten or eleven years old at the time, and I think it was about the sweetest, most romantic thing I’d ever seen. My daughter was surprised and flattered. She agreed to be his… Read more »


Sorry, no special memory yet! Someday my love will find me!
Thanks for the contest; great excerpt!
deethomas291 at gmail dot com

Kelsey Summer

My favorite Valentine’s memory was finding out I was pregnant with my third child. I suspected, but took the actual test on Valentine’s Day and it was positive.



Since my hubby has been deployed for all of ours so far. My favorite was as a kid my parents would go out for the evening leaving us with a sitter. That night we would have something sweet like cupcakes or brownies, pizza, movies, and our babysitter was awesome. I loved that even though they went out for the night they still wanted to make the day special for us.


thanks for the fun giveaway 🙂 Ummm… no I don’t really have one. And that’s bad right? LOL…

Crystal Young

The year I turned 13 my Dad got me roses. Thanks for the giveaway

Lisa w

I don’t think I really have a fav valentine memory. I’d rather be surprised on a different day!

Cathy V

I don’t have a special memory. My hubs and I don’t make a big deal about valentines. Chocolate is exchanged, go for a walk etc. Nice and quiet 🙂
Thanks for the giveaway.

Rana Adams

My most recent memory would be last year when Stud brough me home a dozen roses and also brought home our 11 yr old daughter a candy bouquet. She was so excited that she took pics and posted all over her FB page. She is our only child and this was the first time Daddy took the iniative and did something special just for her on Valentine’s Day. He is a hell of a Stud and a keeper. 🙂


My favorite memory is going to my grandma’s and she would have a ton of candy and other goodies for us. Even after I was an adult. 🙂

Josie Hink

In high school and college my husband would hand make my cards…He is an amazing drawer so it would always be something different and loving!!!


Amy R

My favourite Valentines memory would be back in the day when my husband and I first started dating about 12 years ago. I was away at school (about 6 hours away) and he came to surprise me, complete with a homemade heart-shaped brownie!

Angela Love

Our very first where he made me think he completely forgot valentines day all together I was practically in tears that he hadn’t said it or even gotten me a stupid card came home like a ordinary day and then said shit babe I forgot my lunchbox in the car could you go get it and so I went with tears in eyes out the door to the car open the door and there sat a dozen fire/ice roses a big ole teddy bear and a box of chocolates….. by the time I made it back in the house I… Read more »

Cynthia (aka Artemis)

No favorite memory. Actually, VD isn’t one of my favorites at all. It seems to be such a made up celebration. Trying to fit romance into one day out of 365. Nah, I’ll pass and make my romance last all year long.


No favorite V-day memory so far. Thanks for the giveaway.


Just my kids giving me a big kiss.


The Valentine’s Day my husband proposed to me!


I don’t have Valentine’s Day memory at the moment, maybe later 🙂

Elizabeth P

my mom always bought our favorite candy …this always made me smile


Unfortunately, no fave Valentine’s memories. I’m one of “those people” who thinks Valentine’s Day is a bit silly. Even though I’m not into Val Day, my hubs always remembers to bring me home a box of my favorite caramels from a local candy maker/

Kelly Powell

Awesome!!! Thank you for the giveaway!!!


No, I don’t.

Kerry P

When Hubby & I were still dating he gave me this huge balloon with a teddy bear in it.I loved it, about an hour or so after he gave it to me he had to point out that the teddy was wearing another present, a necklace, bracelet, & earring set. I still wear the set & I have the bear on my bureau 22 years later!

Christy Perry

My favorite Valentine’s Day memory was when I was recently divorced and my son, then age 8, made a card for me from both him and our pug letting me know that I was still loved. Thanks for the chance to win.

elaine bishop

when my hubby was out of town for work I drove 2 hours so we could go to dinner on valentines day. He works for the railroad so he could drive home that night so I went to him it was one of the best nights we have had

Meghan Stith

Every Valentine’s Day I get a gift from my father which is really sweet.
Besides that, I don’t. By the way, I love your nail color in that picture, holding the book.

Lori Meehan

I really don’t. We don’t celebrate valentines day. Sometimes I get candy. Lol


In grade 5 one of the boys in the grade below me sent me a declaration of his love (in the form of a special valentine’s day card) through our teachers 🙂
loved it!


We used to have Valentine’s dances at school.

Thanks for hosting this awesome hop!!

I remember in high school there used to be dances at Valentine’s Day. Loved thoughs. (awe young love)
I also remember just loving getting valentine cards from boys in grade school and thinking I was special but then finding out your BFF got the same one LOL

As an adult, Valentine’s doesnt mean much to me. Married its the being married 20 years but I am just not into that day.


Yes, the one my husband proposed on! that was 13 years ago!!! =)



Sadly I don’t have a favorite valentine’s memory

Mary Preston

I cruise around the harbor was pretty memorable.

Ellen Thompson

My favorite Valentine’s Day memory is one Valentine’s when my kids were littler, I decided that I would just let them have ice cream for supper. They were thrilled of course. Thanks for the great giveaway.

Laura MEndez

Valentines all through out High School 😉