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beautiful-creatures2-posterBeautiful Creatures 
Director: Richard LaGravenese
Based on the book “Beautiful Creatures”
by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl




This was just another film about teenagers, who like to read pretentious books, coupling up and boring the shit outta anyone around them~ Under the Covers

Well, there’s two hours of my life that I will never get back! It was like they found everything I disliked about YA and decided to make a film about it, my 1.5 feather rating was pretty generous. I should have known I wouldn’t like it, I didn’t like Twilight and this had the same kind of feel to it; all talk, no action.

What annoyed me the most was the whiny heroine, who despite having pretty cool powers decides to start whinging about how hard her life is, I mean really get over it, have some chocolate have a cry and then move the fuck on. I grant you she didn’t irritate me as much as Bella from Twilight, but damn if those two downers ever got together you would have to scrape the teenage angst off with an industrial sized drill.

I think maybe I am becoming a crotchety old lady at the grand old age of 26, because the romance made me want to gag and the hero (who I have already forgotten the name of) irritated me and didn’t seem to do much but stand there, look pretty and make goo goo faces at the heroine. Whilst he was doing all this, I was sat in my cinema chair waiting for the story to start, I waited and I waited…then I waited some more, but nada, nothing. Literally nothing happened until the last 5 minutes,which if you blinked you may have missed and by that time I didn’t care anyways and just wanted to go home and have good ol’ rant about it!

This was just another film about teenagers, who like to read pretentious books, coupling up and boring the shit outta anyone around them, I haven’t actually read the book so I don’t know how accurate this film was but I do know that despite the pretty cover I am not going to be reading it.

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Gosh, we all seem to be admitting our ages…and I hate that I am at the point in life when admitting my age is a “thing”…whodda thunk it? I was kind of hoping I would remain 21 forever. However, I have moved out of that New Adult stage of my life and am now strictly in the Contemporary Romance age zone of 28. I would prefer to be in an Urban Fantasy arena, but I don’t think I own enough black leather. However, I could probably squeeze into some PNR, I am fully prepared to give a horn job to my favourite demon, or suck on my sexy vamps…fangs and I am definitely up for some heavy petting with some fine looking shifters. Than again their’s always Sci Fi…I am fully prepared to do the right thing and help some poor alien race with more 6 packs than a supermarket repopulate their planet. Not that I am loose woman or anything.

Annnnnd I will stop myself there, before I start waxing lyrical about my love of historical romance and fantasy as well; no one needs to know about my elf fantasies. As you can tell, I adore and day dream about most romance genres, and my three big loves are 1) reading about romance 2) writing about romance and 3) talking about romance with my gals. Which, is why I love Under the Covers so much, I get all my bookish needs satisfied and don’t get judged when I talk about my favourite characters like they are real people. Which they are right?
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ROFL! I agree with most of what you said, but i did like jeremy irons and emma thompson. Give us THAT prequal spin off


Thank you Suz for letting me know not to waste my time with this one!


I’ve heard great things about the book, and I was debating going to see the movie. I’ll probably wait till it comes out on DVD now.