KMM Facebook Chat Recap

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KMM recently hosted a live chat on Facebook. I knew it would be crazy, but didn’t think it would be out to be the lunacy it turned out to be! KMM fans are maniacs! It’s so fun to see readers get excited about a book!  😀 If you know KMM and her books, then you know that she loves to tease us with evasive answers, but this time, we finally get some interesting ones!



Will Lor get his own story?

KMM: “I love Lor. Got stuff planned for him.”

I’m a ho for Lor so this makes me grin like a Cheshire cat.


This is the one that’s been bugging me: Is Ryodan Dani’s father?

KMM: “You guys DO like your spoilers huh? No. Put that one to rest.”

HALLE-FUCKING-UJAH! I can sleep tonight!!


Did Ryodan tattoo Dani while she was knocked out in her basement? There is mention of the back of her skull and neck burning. Happens again when he used the spell to make her eat the candy bar.

KMM: I would think anytime a person spent time unconscious around one of the Nine and woke up with the back of their skill sore they’d probably want to check it. But that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.


Is there something special about the bracelet Dancer gives Dani?
She says that it doesn’t work the same way the Nine cuffs work, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work another way. Ah, tease!


Is Lor going to take on a teacher or big brother role to Dani?

KMM: Well he sure isn’t going to be having sex with the 14-year old. Or even blowing her a kiss. Not even looking at her sideways. I probably end up lynched and in prison. Probably in that order. On a more serious note, Lor is very protective of her. He loves her youth, her innocence, her balls, her need for constant stimulation. He’d be watching over her even if Ryodan hadn’t put him in that position.


Are Jo and Ryodan a permanent couple?

KMM: Do you guys really need to ask that? Where’s the faith? Do you think I don’t know you need another epic hot duo? Trust me to get you there. I think a lot of folks expected that ICED would somehow trump Shadowfever which was the climax in a slow, intense four-book buildup. I just started the buildup over again. ICED is more like Darkfever where you aren’t sure you like the characters yet…remember how many of you thought Mac was TSTL and Barrons too old?

Many people had strong reactions to ICED. I expected you to. I’m trying with 100% of my writing ability to ultimately deliver something that TOPS your emotional reaction to the Fever series. I won’t get there without risk.

*Annie bounces up and down* So…this means Ryodan ends up with Dani?? Thoughts?


KMM also asks when did readers start noticing they were getting interested looks from men? This all has to do with the thing with Dani’s age.  Some of it gets heated and I’m not really surprised by some of the answers. I’m very glad she asked this question 🙂


On a departing note, she also mentions this:

One last note about Ryodan: He will eclipse Barrons. Blot him right out of your soul’s sky. That’s the challenge I’ve set myself as a writer. (God, I hate it when I do this to myself) It won’t happen in the first book, or the second. But it will happen. And the gauntlet is flung…:) 

Ahhhhh! *Flails*

If you missed the chat or wish to see it again, you can head over to the Event Wall and browse through the comments here.  There’s a TON more, but these are just the ones that caught my attention and I think are good discussion points! If you find something interesting, let me know in the comments and don’t forget to let me know what you think! Stay off the fecking streets, Maidens!

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Amber I @ AwesomeSauce

Thanks for this. I was trying to find posts she actually answered but there were so many.

I am looking forward to Ryodan eclipsing Barrons. Honestly I can see it already. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book.


oooooooh. I just got this entire series and I’ve got plans to bar the doors, turn off the phone and do a marathon read through. Definitely sounds fabulous!

Annette C.

Have just received the first 2 books in this series & can’t wait to read them!!!!!!!

Lori Meehan

I’ve not read ny of this series. It sounds good though.


I skimmed through, didn’t want to spoil it for myself since I haven’t read nor do I own Iced as yet!