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Keeping Warm with Winter Reads

by Lynn Viehl

Every morning I walk my dogs, a chore I never mind except in winter.  A cold front moved in a few days ago and it’s been freezing.  39˚F may not seem too chilly to most of you northerners, but I was raised in the tropics, and frankly?  I’m a wimp.  Whenever the mercury drops below 70˚F I have to put on a hat, gloves and jacket or shiver myself to pieces the minute I step outside.

Coming in from the cold is the best part of being out during winter.  After my pups got their treats I made a cup of hot tea, put on my old warm robe and decided to curl up with a good book.  As cold as I was, I was counting on my latest reads of winter to warm me up.  I started with Running Wild by Linda Howard and Linda Jones.  It’s a terrific romantic suspense that takes place on a ranch in Wyoming.  While the protagonists were heating up the pages, however, I kept dwelling on them being stuck on that ranch in the middle of nowhere in all that icy wind and mounds of snow . . . and started shivering again.

I keep plenty of new books on hand to read so switching was no problem.  Larissa Ione’s latest release, Rogue Rider, was the next book at the top of my TBR pile, so I grabbed that.  I love paranormal romance, and I’ve been curious to see how she’d redeem the hero of the novel, who for the last three books has been beyond evil.  I started reading, and followed the heroine up a wintry mountain, where she found a large, handsome unconscious man sprawled naked . . . in a snowbank . . .

Not a problem, I thought, I’d just find something else to warm me up, and sorted through the rest of my new books.  Mary Balogh’s A Christmas Bride/Christmas Beau duology probably wasn’t set in Jamaica in July, so I passed on that.  My teeth began chattering as I read Kelley Armstrong’s Frostbitten cover copy. which promised a story about “the coldest of killers.”  He probably slayed people with icicles or something, I thought, and moved on.  By the time I got to the bottom of the pile and saw the arctic cover art for Karen Moning’s Iced I realized I was out of luck.

I couldn’t exactly call all my favorite authors and demand they only publish books in the winter with settings in the Sahara or Brazil or Death Valley just for me.   I could wait and save all my frigid fiction for a day when  the thermometer read over 70˚F, which would only be in four months (okay, maybe five.)  Or I could pack up my TBR and fly to Australia, where it’s always warm during winter, to read them, only I couldn’t remember where I’d put my passport.

What I really needed was something to keep me nice and warm no matter what I was reading . . . and there was only one thing in the house that could do that for me.

My guy woke up an hour later and peered down at me.  “Uh, honey?”

“Shhhh.”  I pulled the covers up over both of us and propped my book against his chin. “I’m reading.” 

New York Times bestselling author Lynn Viehl’s enthralling new series continues as a valiant warrior sets out on a dangerous quest for immortality…and endless love…
Jamys Durand has survived being made an immortal Darkyn, horrific torture, and years of grueling warrior training. But he has no future to offer Chris, the mortal woman he loves, without his own territory. When he learns of a lost Templar treasure, Jamys vows to possess it and win his lady’s heart.
No one knows Chris Lang wants to be a tresora so she can live with Jamys, her secret love. Her superiors offer to make her dream come true, but only if she finds the lost treasure before Jamys can. Working together, Chris and Jamys track the jewels through a shadowy maze of priceless artifacts, decadent secrets, and one ruthless opponent who can possess an immortal’s mind…and will stop at nothing to have Chris.

Ms. Viehl has a very special giveaway for all of you!!  Take a look at what one lucky Maiden will get!  This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL.


— Signed copies of Nightborn and Nightbred

— A warm winter’s night bath gift basket from Le Petite Maison, which specializes in aromatherapy products for the home (this contains a natural bath mitt, Le Mer French soap, Neroli shea butter soap, verbena bath salts, a bamboo bath brush and a Tuscan candle)

— A glass mug with packets of hot cocoa in five different luscious flavors

— A package of Walker’s highlanders shortbread cookies

— A Nightbred-themed limited edition handbeaded BookLoop

— A sturdy pine green and white canvas shopping tote

To enter:
Just leave a comment below!

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Maria D.

I too was born in the tropics but I’m okay until the weather drops under 50* – then I’m all bundled up. At home I like to keep the house around 70* and my favorite place to read is either on the couch with a lap blanket or in bed with the full set of blankets…lol…so I totally understand Lynn’s need for warmth when she reads. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Lynn Viehl

Most days during the winter I don’t want to get out of bed, Maria (and I wouldn’t if I could keep my guy there, but he’s always determined to do silly things like go to work.) I like reading by a big window in the house that lets in the most sunlight — that along with the fireplace helps chase off the chills. 🙂


Hi Lynn. I love your books. NightBred sounds awesome. I love the cover. I am not a winter fan. I have to snuggle up with a blanket and hot chocolate when I read on cold days. 🙂

Lynn Viehl

Hi Crystal, nice to see you here, and thanks for the kind words. I love hot cocoa, but since I gave up sugar this year I’ve been searching for the perfect sugar-free mix with no luck. My daughter finally suggested I make my own, so now I’m like a mad scientist in the kitchen every day, trying different combinations of things. If only they made sugarfree marshallows!


LOL. I live in Florida – anything colder that 60 IS freezing!

Lynn Viehl

I say the same thing to my friend who lives in Canada, Karen. Then she tells me it’s three degrees there and I have to shut up. 😉

Jess S.

I grew up in Canada and I’m pretty wussy about the cold. I’m always bundled in blankets in the winter (they also help keep the kitties’ claws from ruining my clothes). Warm baths, hot cocoa and a good book under a blanket are all excellent way of keeping warm. 🙂

Lynn Viehl

Jess, you should have been born down here. You’ve got palm tree/beach party blood. 🙂

Michelle K

I used to love it when I lived in Texas. Once it dropped below 70, everyone pulled out their sweaters, because that was te only chance you got to wear them!
Can’t wait for your new release!!!

Lynn Viehl

Thanks, Michelle. I was stationed in Texas while I was in the Air Force, and while I loved Corpus Christi in the summer the winter was so dry and cold I near about froze whenever I walked outside.


I live in Indonesia, a tropical and exotic country (you must visit there! 🙂 ), so there’s no winter. I sometimes jealous when people said there are snow in their place, because I will never see snow. But I’m quite happy live here, the rainy season sometimes humid and so hot. But after the rain, the smell of the air and the soil is very, very good 🙂

Thanks for the giveaway!

Lynn Viehl

I’d love to visit your country someday, Ren. I’ve seen so many pictures of your gorgeous beaches; the water always looks like liquid jewels.

Michelle Harlan

Too funny…I’m a book hopper too, but I don’t think I’ve ever had to change books because of the temperature. lol
I enjoy the colder temps…in moderation! As in, I’d like it to be cold & snowing on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, please. Then it can all go away. Of course, we’re back in South Texas now, so not much chance of that happening. Instead, I hope that it will be below 75* so that I won’t have to turn on the AC before I start baking.

Lynn Viehl

Michelle, I’m the same way with those “beach reads” during the summer; whenever I read one of those (which always seem to be about a couple trying to outrun the bad guys in some steamy jungle) I start to sweat.


Oh my gosh!! What an amazing and generous giveaway!! These books sound to die for!! thanks so much for the chance!! My email is

Lynn Viehl

Thanks, Kellee. I think the winner will be pleased — lots to use for a hot bath. 🙂 Good luck!


I loved the end of Lynn’s post. No significant other, so I keep my cats by me to keep me warm while I read on the sofa…or maybe they stay by me for me to keep them warm. Either way, we’re all happy.

I keep my thermostat at about 62 unless there is a wind blowing which makes it feel colder, so I’m always in sweats with warm socks and I have fleece blankets on the furniture for the cats to snuggle in

Lynn Viehl

Anne, my pups pile around me during the winter the same way your cats do. Our one cat, Jeri, is a senior citizen now so he sleeps on my bed during the day and snuggles with me at night.

Sebrina C

Ok, I admit it. That was pretty darn funny. As I was reading the post, I kept thinking to myself ‘this woman needs a nice hot bubble bath!’ lmao And now I’m thinking I’d love to have that very thing right now. It’s too cold here in the Pacific NW right now. But I’m glad that wind from the Columbia River Gorge is gone!! My German Shepherd didn’t even want to go outside for her biz! *rubs hands together* Now for a steamy book! On another note; I have to say that the prize above is something I’ve not seen… Read more »

Lynn Viehl

Thanks, Sebrina. When I put together this giveaway I was a little selfish; I thought of all the things I love to indulge in on a cold winter night. 🙂


Thanks for a fun post!!!!! As I live in the midwest, I’ve come to get used to, but not necessarily like, bitter cold. Like you, I come in, get something hot to drink and curl up with my little heaters, the dogs, under warm fleece blankets! And if I’m really chilled, a long soak in a hot bath works well 🙂 I haven’t had the pleasure of reading any of Lynn’s books, yet, but they are definitely on my want list!

Lynn Viehl

I have nothing but respect for you hardy Midwesterners, Erin. I’ve been to Chicago during the winter and the wind gave new meaning to the phrase “bone-chilling.” Also. if you or any of the Under the Covers readers want to test drive my work, I keep an archive of stories and books that are free for anyone to read online, download, print out and/or share. You can find them via my weblog; click on “Freebies and Free Reads” on the right sidebar, and that will take you to the index. There you can find “Incarnatio” the story in which Jamys… Read more »

Lynn Viehl

that / should have been a . Sorry!

Stefanie D

I love it when it’s cold. I like to dress warm and go for a walk in the snow. It’s such a beautiful view and it’s great to drink some hot soup afterwards. Yes, I prefer the cold to tropical weather.

Lynn Viehl

You can walk in snow? I mostly slide. Ha. I agree with you on the hot soup after a long walk in cold weather. The only problem is I can never fit my entire head in the bowl to soak. 🙂

Angie M

I understand your problem! I spent 20 years in Michigan, freezing my butt off! I’ve been in Texas for the last 4 years and I love it! It’s 70 degrees right now. Since I’m in North Texas it does get cold here but the snow doesn’t last and winter is a short season. Thanks for the giveaway!

Lynn Viehl

Now we all want to spend the holidays at your house, Angie — got about fifty spare rooms? Ha. Good luck with the giveaway.

H.A. Fowler (Heather)

I’m a born and raisted New England girl now transported to the Adirondack mountains — I don’t know what I would do without winter! This is the time when I hunker down with my TBR and really get into some steamy stuff that’s languished throughout the year.

I can’t believe I haven’t started this series yet! I’ll be fixing that toute de suite!

Thank you for doing such a magnificent giveaway, and all the great fiction over the years!

hafowler at gmail dot com

Lynn Viehl

I appreciate the kind words, Heather. You know, I never thought about reading something steamy during winter. Must see if Emma Holly has a new release this month . . .

Lori Meehan

What a great post and giveaway. The book sounds great. Lynn is a new author to me.

Lynn Viehl

Thanks, Lori — good luck!


Sounds fantastic! I like to warm up while reading by climbing into bed with the hubs too 😉


Lynn Viehl

See, I’m not the only one. It helps that my guy is twice my size. More to love — and he generates about twice the body heat, too.


What an awesome prize *grabby hands* Can´t wait for my chance to read =) I´m with you when it comes to winter and chills, i´ve got dogs, too, and there´s just not much to do, they have to go outside =/ I´ve been thinking about maybe getting them to use the litter box for the cats LOL but i guess that would be to much hassle. I´d have to change the box twice a day instead, it´s easier going outside. One series that never fails to make me hot after all the snow, is Laurann Dohner´s New Species or her… Read more »

Lynn Viehl

I’ll have to try Laurann’s books, then, Linda — thanks for the rec.

Martha Lawson

I’m a Mississippi girl so I don’t mind the cold weather all that much – except for the North wind!! This is an awesome prize package that I’d love to be entered to win. Great cover on the book.

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

Lynn Viehl

I have been blessed with great art for this trilogy, Martha. The cover model on Nightbred is actually very close to my vision of Jamys, too, which makes it one of my favorites of all time.

Joanne B

It doesn’t matter what the temperature is, I always have a sweater on. I like the cold but it doesn’t like me.
Congrats on the new release. Nightbred sounds fantastic. Great giveaway!

Lynn Viehl

During the holidays I live in fuzzy socks, sweat pants and one of my guy’s flannel work shirts, Joanne — I figure if I have to be fashionable I’ll just say it’s the grunge look. 🙂

Ann S.

I live in California so when I complain about how cold it is I get little sympathy from my family in Minnesota. I have four kids, four dogs and a husband to warm my cold feet on. I love to throw a log on the fire and grab a blanket, a dog, and a book. That is my favorite way to spend a cold evening.


Lynn Viehl

Ann, I used to live in Northern California, and although I know Minnesota can be frigid I never got used to the Pacific being so cold all year long. That and those chilly fogs that roll in kept me in sweaters almost year round.


OMG!!!! Absolutely love this series and the spin off!!! Can’t wait for this book to come out!!!

Lynn Viehl

Thanks, Gi — and it will be out next Wednesday, so if you really can’t wait look for it at your favorite book store. 😉

Aly P

Great blog post! I have your books in my TBR and after I saw that some of my favorite authors are yours as well I moved them up 😀

Happy new release day!

Thank you for the giveaway.

Lynn Viehl

Thanks, Aly. I turned on the heat this afternoon to read Running Wild, which I thought was a lot of fun, and now I’m working on Larissa’s book. I love her characters, they always have such great energy on the page.

Aly P

I agree, she is a great writer. I can’t wait to see what other stories she comes up with 🙂

Kami Bryant

That would be an amazing gift basket to win. I would love that. Yummy treats and yummy books.

Lynn Viehl

Thanks, Kami. 🙂

Chinyere Ezinwanyi

I have been waiting for this book for quite some time. I am sure Jamys and Chris will heat up the page. I look forward to revisiting his family, Sam, Lucan etc.
I can’t wait

Lynn Viehl

Hey Chinyere, nice to see you here. 🙂 Thanks for the kind words.


I’ve been in California my whole life, so I have little firsthand experience with cold winters (one Tahoe ski trip and a freak Seattle blizzard is it).


Lynn Viehl

I’ve never been skiing, Trix, so you’re much braver than me. I think I watched that wipe-out ski scene that opened the old Wide World of Sports show intro too many times to brave those slippery slopes. 🙂


I like living in a place where there are four seasons, but of course now that it’s winter I sometimes wonder why I don’t move somewhere warmer. Maybe this year we’ll have a white Christmas.

Lynn Viehl

My daughter asked if we’d take her to see snow for her birthday this year, Jane — and I can’t talk her out of it! Ha. Hope your holidays are lovely.

Cheryl S.

I am a long time fan! I can’t wait to read these books. Thank you for this amazing giveaway 🙂 As far as the weather goes, I would much rather cuddle up in front of the fireplace than around the swimming pool. I love the cold weather!

Lynn Viehl

Thanks, Cheryl — and are you part polar bear? Lol. I had so much fun here the last time I visited that I asked Francesca if I could pay another visit. She was gracious enough to say yes. 🙂

I’m writing that down for next Spring when Nightbound will be released, thanks, Francesca. 🙂

Tina F

I live in Virginia. I like the cold weather. I just don’t want snow.
Great giveaway!

Lynn Viehl

My nephew is stationed in your corner of the country, Tina, and he’s saying the same thing. 🙂

Alicia Jespersen

What beautiful books, and such an amazing giveaway! I haven’t yet ready any Lynn Viehl yet but she is at the top of my TBR list. Thanks so very much for the chance to win!

Lynn Viehl

Thank you for the kind words, Alicia, and good luck!

Christy Perry

I am new to your work but I have been seeing all the postings recently and can’t wait to read them! You are hosting an awesome giveaway and I look forward to more of your work, thanks for the chance to win.

Lynn Viehl

I’m very lucky in that I have a wonderfully supportive readership, Christy. Thanks and hope you enjoy.


Very funny post.Your a new author for me, but the book looks really good and so does everything else. Only thing about tropical weather, when it gets really hot , you wish it was cold and when it get’s really cold you wish it was hot! And if you got a real cute guy with you, whose complaining!

Lynn Viehl

Isn’t that always the way, though, Cassandra? Check in with me next July and I’ll probably be grumbling about the heat, lol.


I love the cover and description of the book.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Lynn Viehl

Thanks for stopping in, Olga, and good luck!


I just moved to North Dakota from Florida, and I love it. I love the snow and cold weather! Thanks for the giveaway, and I can’t wait to read your books!

Lynn Viehl

Wow, what a weather change, Tracey — I’m glad you’re happy in your new place. I don’t think we’ll be visiting you for the holidays, though, lol.

pam howell

ooh – PICK ME!! LOVE your work!!!

Lynn Viehl

Aw, thanks, Pam. I don’t actually pick the winner; I leave that up to my very kind hosts.

Susan H.

I love getting in on the ground floor of a new paranormal series- and there’s only one thing better than free books: reading them!

Lynn Viehl

Thanks, Susan. I’m the same way; I love to try out new-to-me authors via free reads.

Zita R

Nightbred sounds great, put it on my TBR list!

Lynn Viehl

Thanks, Zita, and good luck!

Mary Jo

Love your books Lynn! I’m a Carolina girl living in New Zealand. It’s spring, but I’m still getting up and putting on a fleece and flannel…no thermostats (central heat is not the norm here… wood burners and space heaters) and ventilation tends to be opening and shutting windows…..Still, we had gorgeous weather for the red carpet for the Hobbit World Premiere my Gandalf hat souvenir 🙂 This was followed by a howling rainy southerly gale (brrr) so we lucked out. I looked up marshmallows and this looks so easy I might even try it Thanks for the fab… Read more »

Lynn Viehl

Mary Jo, thank you so much for the recipe link — I had no idea there was such a thing as sugar-free marshmallows. I will definitely be trying this one. Keep warm!

June M.

Where I live it has been in the 30’s to 50’s for weeks. I hate cold weather! I have degeneraion in my back, plus arthritis throughout my body, add to that I had a fall almost 4 years ago due to snow & ice (which caused the problems with my back/hip/leg). So I try to stay indoors if at all possible during the winter months, especially if there is snow or ice on. I prefer to curl up with a blanket, a warm drink (hot chocolate or cider) and a good, steamy book 🙂
manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

Lynn Viehl

I have arthritis as well, June, and a rebuilt knee, so I can definitely sympathize. We don’t have to deal with much more than frost here, but I’m always worried about slipping in the cold rain. Take care and be well.

Sari S.

I used to live in Georgia, and would freak out if it snowed more than an inch–woo-hoo, snow day for everyone! Now I live in Michigan, that little bit of snow is a cake walk.

Lynn Viehl

Michigan is COLD, Sari — I had to go there once on a business trip in February and left early because I didn’t bring enough warm clothes with me. I’m not sure anything would have kept me warm after being out in the wind off the great lakes — that was unbelievably cold.

Janie McGaugh

I’ll read the frosty stuff this time of year, but I need to be toasty when I do it. Even then, I’ll probably be wearing my fingerless gloves, because my hands seem to be cold this time of year, even when I’m okay otherwise. I’m a misplaced Southerner, and I’ve never gotten to where I like it as cold (or as hot) as it gets here in Missouri.

Lynn Viehl

I have the same problem with my hands, Janie, and I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping a hand warmer in my pocket. They’re little plastic discs you heat up in boiling water and keep in a little knit pouch, and they stay warm for hours. I think I bought mine at Walgreens, and I like them because they’re reusable.

Diane Sallans

I like to find out what authors read – it helps me decide if I might like their books. When I saw you read Linda Howard & Mary Balogh I perked right up and put you on my TBR list – plus you’ve got a sense of humor which is always a plus for me. I love to be cozy while reading a good book.

Lynn Viehl

I do the same thing with people I meet, Diane — I ask them what they like to read and that gives me a little insight as to their personality (also helps me decide if I want to tell them I’m an author, lol. The Mary Balogh duology is a couple of reprints, btw (I don’t mind rereading her old Regency novels because I missed some of them when they came out.)


I may have been born up North, but I’ve been living down South long enough to agree that 39 degrees is freezing. I am pouting enough when it is down to 50 (which is also ridiculously cold in my opinion)!

On the bright side I get to wear my pretty heeled boots, who says that five inch heels aren’t appropriate for class 😉

I do agree with you in that a good book can help keep you warm at night 🙂

dmr8888 at yahoo dot com

Lynn Viehl

Alicia, you’re making my feet hurt! Lol.

Dawn T

I would love to win this to keep me warm on the very cold days we have ahead of us in Upstate NY!

Lynn Viehl

Dawn, one of my writer friends lives up by you, and every winter he sends me pics of the incredible amount of snow you get. I keep trying to convince him to move south – or at least visit us for the holidays — but he’s another of those polar bear people who love the cold. 🙂

Tami from Jacksonville

You crack me up! I live in Florida too and it hasn’t been THAT cold. . . . . . .although there were a couple nights I did put the blankets on my horses. Just keep remembering, winter in Florida is short and summers are long. We will be basking in the WARM sunshine long before our friends in the north!

Lynn Viehl

Shhh, Tami, we’ll make everyone jealous. Lol.

trish dechant

I am a southern gal to the core and when the temperature drops below 45 degrees, I go inside to hibernate until the groundhog sees it shadow 🙂 My blood is then and doesn’t do well in colder climates. I do love the beauty of snow covered hills and such, but I will admire from inside 🙂

I have only read one of your books, but loved it–need so much to catch up and read while I am sitting by the fire this winter. Your sexy heroes can keep me warm.

Great post and giveaway!

Lynn Viehl

Thanks for the kind words, Trish. I wish I could hibernate until March, but the only burrows around here have gopher tortoises in them, and they never want to share. 😉


I was raised on the border between Arkansas and Missouri. We’d get little more than a powdered sugar dusting of snow and it never got too cold for too long. One of the reasons I moved to Maine was to experience a real Winter! The first year up here I was @$$ deep in snow and loving it! I love curling up with a stack of books and a cup of hot chocolate in the Winter. I’ve been meaning to read your books for a while so I really hope I win! This would be a great introduction to your… Read more »

Lynn Viehl

Maine is one of the few states I’ve never travelled to, Dana. I’d love to get to your neck of the woods someday; all the gorgeous photos I’ve seen of your coast make it very tempting. Good luck with the giveaway. 🙂

Emily Bowes

I still live in New York state but I am not a winter fan. I like the look of snow but have found that I enjoy being out in it less as I get older. The only good thing about winter is sitting by the fireplace with a glass of wine and a good book. Your books sound like a great read and I cant wait to read one. Thanks for the giveaway.

Lynn Viehl

Thanks, Emily — and I’m with you on sitting by the fire. Along with the heat I love watching the flames; there’s something very soothing about them.


Your post was a delight since I love warmth, sunshine and blue skies. Having lived most of my life in a Northern Clime, and disliking it intensely, I am now in the Southwest, which is lovely and am basking in the 60’s daily for the entire fall. tea provides me with the soothing warmth at night and reading is my favorite form of entertainment.

Lynn Viehl

Your part of the country is really beautiful in the summer, too, Anne. I spent some time there travelling and the deserts and canyons were breathtaking.


You were my introduction to the adult paranormal romance genre and I fell in love with your Darkyn series when I was in college. Your writing is captivating and while I was sad to see that series end, I’m glad I have the Lords of the Darkyn to look forward to! Thanks for creating such fascinating and swoon-worthy characters!

Thanks for the kind words, Lori — you’re a writer’s dream reader. 🙂


Thanks for your great ability to write and give me hours of reading enjoyment. I live to read and have always appreciated the written word. When darkness comes I read until I doze off. Books warm my heart and soul and I need them as much as sunshine and high temps.

Lynn Viehl

Ellie, I wouldn’t know what to do without my TBR — reading is one of the greatest pleasures of life no matter what time of year it is.