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Review: Sticks and Stones by Abigail Roux and Madeleine Hunter
Sticks and Stones

5 Stars

Book Info

Released: January 25, 2010
Genre: Erotic Romance
Series: Cut & Run #2
Published by Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 296

 Whenever Ty and Zane are together, I can’t help but sigh in happiness. These two are so sweet on each other that I can’t get over how romantic this series is despite all their alphaness, heartaches, action and jokes. There’s just so much depth in these characters and I don’t think I can put into words how much I love them together.

STICKS AND STONES takes a different route than the previous book in the series. When the guys are experiencing some problems with the psych evaluations at work, this puts them in a position where Burns asks them to take a little R & R. For Ty and Zane, this can’t be good news because when on vacation, you tend to be idle and an idle mind leaves lots of time with personal demons. I feel like this book was slightly darker than the first one. There’s less joking around and more focus on Zane’s demons. He’s still experiencing nightmares and can’t really find a break long enough for him to truly relax. It seems that when he is with Ty, he gets some relief.

So now that they are stuck with all this extra free time, Ty takes Zane to visit his family who are a bunch of crazies just like Ty. It must run in the family or something because they are just so great! However, Ty harbors these hard feelings towards his dad, Earl when the old man starts putting his son down. Zane doesn’t like this and his protectiveness starts to rise, but then what can he really do to Ty’s father without causing some extreme tension?

I loved reading about this side of Ty and Zane. We get a far more deeper peek into their lives through Ty’s family life and also through the pains that Zane is experiencing. Their relationship is inspected by Ty’s brother, Deacon and some problems within their relationship are brought to the forefront. I think in a way this only solidified the fact that they are so meant to be together!

The moments between Ty and Zane are just precious. They are loving and moving and the sweetest thing I’ve read in M/M romance for awhile.

As Hunter and Roux develop this amazing unbreakable bond between Ty and Zane, there’s also the suspense subplot to look forward to. So this made for a read that seemed to go by too quickly. I can’t wait to read the next one!

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Everyone talks about how great this series is. Even though m/m isn’t my thing, I may give this a try. Thanks for the review!


Thanks for the review, I really want to start this series!

Landry Breaux

I appreciate this review because it introduced me to a new writing team (for me) and a series that I want to read. I will be looking both books up. Thanks again for the interview!

Under the Covers

Regardless if M/M isn’t your thing, the romance is so strong in this series.

Thanks for checking out my review Laurie!

Thanks Landry, hope you enjoy their writing!