Review: Misplaced Princess by Mari Carr and Lexxie Couper

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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Review: Misplaced Princess by Mari Carr and Lexxie Couper
Misplaced Princess

4 Stars

Book Info

Released: June 20, 2012
Genre: Erotic Romance
Series: Foreign Affairs #1
Published by Ellora's Cave
Pages: 149



When I started reading this book I had a feeling I would really enjoy it, but I don’t think I was expecting to love it as much as I did.  MISPLACED PRINCESS was just riveting, once I started it I really found it hard to put it down.  I just had to know what happened next.

The premise itself of course it’s great and different.  Annie Prince is the daughter of a media mogul in the US, her sisters have their own reality TV show and her co-workers don’t take her seriously because they think she’s a spoiled princess even though she’s been trying to make it all on her own.  The closest she’s come to dating has been the chats she’s had with Dylan, a hot cowboy from Australia that she met on an online dating site.  They clicked, they chatted, they connected.  And one day they decided to meet.  Except the signals apparently were mixed.  Annie thought she was supposed to go to Australia and managed to get a work trip to write an article about hot australian cowboys.  Dylan thought he was supposed to go to the Big Apple to meet her.

Once Annie is in Australia though she is rescued by Dylan’s twin brother Hunter.  And she decides to spend her time with him doing the interview and writing the article, while she waits for Dylan to come back.

Can I just say that Australian cowboys are hot?  Something about the way they talk and are all man really made me melt!  And Hunter is one hot as sin example of that.  Kinda makes me want to hop on a plane, head to Australia and see who picks me up. 😉 And speaking of the language, I loved the fact that we get to really see how they speak, learn the slang and the local lifestyle.

Of course these two are put in such a weird position.  Hunter feels an immediate attraction to Annie but feels like shit about making a move on his brothers maybe soulmate.  And Annie knows it’s wrong that she came to meet a different guy but now she can’t think of anything else but getting down and dirty with his brother.  All that aside though, down and dirty worked out very well for these two and they got pretty creative at times.

If you like your cowboys hot and your stories sweet you HAVE to get this!  MUST READ!!  And look out for the next book which is Dylan’s story (with Annie’s New York BFF).  I know I’m waiting not so patiently for it.

*Review copy provided by publisher

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Wow really great review Francesca…definitely this to my wishlist!

Maria D.

Good review! I’ve heard really great things about this book:)


Great review. It sounds hot and exciting!

Kathleen O

Great review.. I so, so want to read this book….
I love anything Aussie…

Under the Covers

Thanks ladies, hope you get to read this soon. A lot of people I know have loved it as well. And Heather, it is hot and exciting 😉
Kathleen, the Aussie feel of this book was awesome, I felt as if I was in another country already!


Nice review! Don’t you just love it when books surprise you? I wish it would happen more.

Landry Breaux

This review convinced me to add “Princess” to my TBR list! Thanks!!


This sounds like a great read, Thanks for the review!


Thanks for the review! I find a lot of new authors to try out this way. Misplaced Princess sounds like a great read, can’t wait!!


Thanks for the review! I find a lot of new authors to try out this way. Misplaced Princess sounds like a great read, can’t wait!!


Great Review


Wow! Thank you for the review! Now it’s going on my TBR list.