Stetsons and Smexin’ with Tell – Kissin’ Tell Kick Off Tour

We are heating things up with Lorelei James.  Under the Covers and Guilty Pleasures are hosting the Stetsons & Smexin’ with Tell Hop to share the excitement about Lorelei’s upcoming release Kissin’ Tell.

KISSIN’ TELL is the 13th book in the Rough Riders series, and because there might be a few obsessed fans of the series here at UTC we thought it would be great to share with you WHY we love it.

So strap in and buckle up, you are about to embark on a Rough ride and love every single sexy minute of it! To show you how much we love Lorelei James’ Rough Riders series we are going to give you six very good reasons to get started on it!

Chugga-Chugga-Chugga… That’s right, these boys are the Little (pfft see Will it Fit?) Engine That Could, and they do, many many times! Come rain, shine or an oncoming apocalypse, one thing the McKays will NEVER need is Viagra.

Orgasmaganza What these boys don’t know about getting your lady parts quivering, isn’t worth knowing. With just a Lick, a Touch and a freaking Look they can have you experiencing the Big O many many times.

Will it Fit? I know I know, and we may sound like a heroine from a Historical, but honestly these guys are heaving around pythons not grass snakes in the trouser department if you know what I mean…so grab some XL Trojans and enjoy the ride!

BOGOF That’s right Buy One, Get One Free, Lorelei James is all about economy so where one cowboy goes normally his equally sexy buddy follows, so be prepared for a cowboy sandwich!

Oi! It Ain’t All About the Orgasms The McKays may know the secret to multiple orgasms, but it isn’t all about that. These cowboys love their ladies deeply and it shows, the Rough Riders series is hot n’ sweet and very very delicious.

 Y Aren’t Ya Reading it Yet? It has everything, hot men, sassy women, sweet romance and more sex then you can shake a stick at, so saddle up and ride!

All of the above equals COWBOY (yes we ARE clever!) Yet another great reason to read this series, who can ever resist a man in with a six pack, a Stetson and that sexy drawl? We certainly can’t!

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UTC: How is Tell different than other McKays?

Lorelei: Tell is a fun loving guy, he’s always up for a good time with his friends. And he loves the ladies but he’s never serious about any of them. He tries to make his life about more than being just another McKay rancher.

UTC: Now that the series is coming to an end *cue sobbing from UTC girls* what are some of your future plans? Please tell us there will still be sexy cowboys somewhere!

Lorelei: I’m still writing the Blacktop Cowboys series. And I have more ideas for future books than I have time – but you can pretty much be guaranteed whatever I write will have a western flavor 🙂 I would like to get back to the Wild West Boys and at least finish Ramona West’s story and Chet and Remy West’s story, but the earliest that’ll happen is 2014.

UTC: Looking back at the Rough Riders series, which book would you say you are proudest of?

Lorelei: It’s always the last book I finished writing because the books are getting harder to write, rather than easier. You’d think they’d be easier now that I’m 13 books into this family saga, but there is more pressure to make each book different and not write a cookie cutter story. 

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Bianca Sarble

I’m so excited that Tell’s nearly here!! I’d be choosing the kindle fire cause we don’t have B&N over here 🙂


Kindle Fire is what I would choose.


Love Lorelei! From her name, to her covers and to her stories. Yowza. 🙂


YAY I am so glad the Kick Off has started!!! Remember to visit all the participating blogs througout the tour =)


I love this series and can’t wait for Tell’s story!!


Can’t wait to read this! Who can resist a COWBOY!

Kaylyn D.

A Kindle Fire would be awesome! I can’t wait for this book!!! They just keep getting better and better!!!

Christi Snow

What a fabulous post and giveaway! smiles…

Christi Snow

oops, forgot the important part…Kindle fire. ;o) smiles…

Veronica Slade

Love, love, love this series and can’t wait for Tell to burn up my Kindle!

Kathleen O

I having been working my way through Lori’s Rough Rider Books. Number 6 is my next one to read. SO I have a little bit to go to get to Tell…But I am looking forward to reading all about him…
Loved this interview and thanks for the giveaway.

Carol L.

*sob* I don’t have FB. But I’m so happy the books “Cowgirls Don’t Cry” are in Print. 🙂
I have only read 1 book in this series and I’m going to try and read the whole series this summer. I love reading series books back to back. Thanks so much for this chance.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Wickedly Delicious

OMG You gals crack me up. Love The COWBOY!! Love this series. Have a nice week.


I would love to win the kindle fire. I am definitely getting this series on my TBR list



Love it! You all are awesome and I can’t wait to read her books!

I’m a HUGE fan of Lorelei James and this series (Cord and AJ my faves) and will be so sad when this series ends!!! I would love the Kindle Fire!! Thanks so much for the chance to win. Have a great day!! 🙂

Leagh Christensen

I am going for for the Kindle Fire for sure. I can’t wait to see what ya’ll got in store for us during this tour. Thanks for all your hard work =)

Moran V

I would love to win a Kindle Fire 🙂

Missy V

Cannot wait for Tell, so excited!! I feel like a kid in a candy store wanting just that one thing that I can’t have just yet. Thanks for the giveaway!!

I’d like the Kindle Fire please.


I am (not so) patiently waiting for Kissin’ Tell! This is my favorite series of all time. I was thrilled to hear Lorelei would like to continue writing about the Wild West family. Loved both of those books so far and it might help me get over the heartache I will have when she completes this series. Would LOVE to have any Rough Riders book autographed and in my library. If I win, I’d like a nook color, because my current nook color is likely to melt at any moment from reading anything from Lorelei and her sexy as hell… Read more »


Thanks for a great kick off! I’d love to try this series!

Melissa B

I love the Rough Riders ~ but I think I love her Lori Armstrong books even more. I have them in audio ~~ they are AWESOME!!


Thanks for the chance to win and am looking forward to reading the books over the summer. I would love to win a Kindle Fire.


I love these books – I’m so sad to see them end! I’ve recommended them to so many friends asking about the 50 Shades books.

I’d love a Kindle Fire – thanks for the giveaway!

Cheryl S.

I would love to have a Nook Color! I am totally excited for another Rough Riders book to be coming out 🙂 Thank you so much for the giveaway!!!


This book sounds amazing. Can’t wait to read Tell’s story. A Kindle Fire would be awesome.

Stephanie Moore

Kindle Fire for sure! I love Kindle and I have so many books, including all of Lorelei’s Rough Riders Series!


Really looking forward to Tell’s story. He deserves his HEA & I love reunion stories!


I would love to win a Kindle Fire!

Susan T.

Can’t wait for Tell’s story. Love a good cowboy story. This would be a hot summer read! Thanks for the giveaway.

Trina Davis

I love Lorelei James! She writes books with characters that I am drawn to in a way that no other author can!


I have loved the rough riders series and sad that it is coming to an end also but I will be standing in line waiting for the West boy’s….lol

Susan W.

Thank you so much for the blog hop! I would love to win a Kindle Fire!

Lorelei James

You guys are awesome! I’m in the writing cave, but I can’t wait for you to meet Tell. There are a lot of cool things going on with this blog hop, so thanks for everything!



I have been staring at the pre-order flag on my Nook forever. I love this whole series and would love a Nook Color.


Can’t wait for Tell’s story.

Vanessa N.

Love to win a kindle fire.

June M.

Congrats on the release!!!
I would probably choose the Nook Color if I won 🙂


Congratulations on the 13th release in the Rough Riders series.
I would choose a Kindle Fire. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!



Congratulations on release-tears for it being thr last one of the series. You are so talented, with so many books, and an alias as talented. I’ll be following the blog. An Amazon fire would be nice.

Kindle Fire

What a awesome giveaway

I loved you girls write up!!! Grab you XL Trojans HAHAHAHA!! And where one cowboy goes the other will follow, be prepared for a sandwich” OMG!!! Hilarious! 😉

Thanks for the giveaway!! I missed the part about a giveaway…I thought it was for a book, but everyone is saying nook or kindle…so I’ll go with kindle fire too!

Mel Bourn

This is too awesome!! I can’t wait!

I would love the Kindle Fire!! PLEASE!!


Jenese Leon

I have a Nook Color now and I LOVE IT, so I would go with the Kindle Fire. 🙂 Best of both worlds.


Ok I forgot to comment yesterday when I stopped by.. lol!! I’d love a Kindle fire! Can’t wait for Tell’s story, and I have my Kleenex ready for my end of RR depression.. LAWD it’s gonna be like having family move away for them to end!

Sue Sattler

I haven’t read any of these books but I’m about to change that. I would love the Kindle Fire.



Love this series. Kissin Tell sounds awesome. Love the cover. I would choose the Kindle Fire.

Cathy M

All these boys are such a treat to read.

Rana Adams

I am so excited and cannot wait for Tell’s story to come out! I have followed you from the start and absolutely love this series! Keep’em coming and happy writing!