Review: Scottish Brides by Julia Quinn et al

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Review: Scottish Brides by Julia Quinn et al
Scottish Brides

4 Stars

Book Info

Released: September 29, 2009
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Fairchild Family #2.5
Pages: 368


An anthology full of hot Scottish dudes…how was I supposed to resist?

Under the Kilt by Christina Dodd

One slippery Scottish lass with abandonment issues and the wily Englishman determined to catch her, let the fun begin!

I know this one is part of a series, and if the series is as cute, romantic and a touch naughty like this short story was then I think I need to look for the first book! It was a good start to the anthology.

Rose in Bloom by Stephanie Laurens

Rose was always a thorn in Duncan’s side when they were children, but now they are all grown and now Duncan wants to turn the tables and play a few adult games with his delectable thorn…

Och I love a broody Scottish hero and Stephanie Lauren delivered and it was fun watching Duncan and Rose realize their attraction for one another. Although not my favourite story it was a good quick read with a satisfying *waggles eyebrows* ending.

Gretna Greene by Julia Quinn

Margaret is looking for her imbecile of a brother who has decided to run off to Gretna to marry a very unsuitable bride, instead she finds Angus, a vexing, gallant and very attractive Scotsman. Angus is looking for his moronic sister who has decided to runaway to London he never meant to come to the rescue of a bedraggled, beautiful and argumentative Englishwoman…

I got this anthology when I saw that Julia Quinn had a short story in it, I love her books they are always funny, sweet and a little quirky. This one was no exception, I loved it! My only complaint…why wasn’t it longer? Before I knew it I had finished it.

The Glenlyon Bride by Karen Ranney

A classic tale involving a case of mistaken identity, a prophecy and…whiskey!?

I liked this, but I think I was still flying high after having read the Julia Quinn story so it didn’t really capture my attention. But it was okay, the hero and heroine were likable and it had a air of mystery and almost magic with their clandestine moonlit meetings and a prophecy weighing heavily on the hero’s mind. A solid addition to the anthology, but not my favourite

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thank you for the review. i like julia quinn a lot and would definitely consider this because of her.


I love Scottish romance stories…this sounds really good!