Battle of the Covers: USA vs UK Guild Hunter Series

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Guild Hunter Series
by Nalini Singh
It’s no secret that we love Ms. Singh’s work, but you have to admit she also has some pretty good covers for her books.  Although her Psy-Changeling covers have already battled it out (and the US covers won) we couldn’t leave her Guild Hunter series behind.  What do you think?
US                                                  UK
US                                                  UK
US                                                  UK
US                                                  UK

The cover for the upcoming release, Archangel’s Storm, has only been revealed for the US version, but it’s pretty damn hot.

Who has the best Guild Hunter covers?

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Nerd Girls

I’d say I prefer the UK covers!


Definitely US!! Especially the third book’s cover. I freakin love it!!

Lexi H

I love the US covers, except for Angel’s Blood. That one would have to go to the UK.


I love the US covers =)


The US covers are way better!!
Really don’t like the UK covers.
DeAnna Schultz


Hard question, both covers are good but oh so different! I would usually go for the US version as I prefer covers that give more hints for the book, and because lately I’ve been fed up with monochrome and tatoo covers. But this time… I like the UK too…
I wonder with what covers they will publish them in my country (I hope they do so, and soon!)

Sophia Rose

They are so very different that its hard, but I do like how the US covers went with different characters for each book instead of the woman’s back and tatted wings each time.

Maria D.

While I like that they stuck with the same theme on the UK covers…in my opinion I like the color and action type poses on the US covers the best.


US! I rarely ever prefer the UK covers. I don’t like the UK covers usually ever.

Lynn K.

Visual wise I prefer the UK covers but I think the US ones suit the story more.


US. Hands down.

Do you plan to interview Tony Mauro? He who design all Guild Hunter US cover (except Angel’s Blood)


I like both. Of Angel’s blood I prefer UK, hands down. The other US covers are great, mainly Archangel’s Legion’s one. It’s fabulous! 🙂
Hope to see soon another battle of the covers 😉