UTC Krazy Kleypas Reading Challenge: March Update

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Have you started on your Lisa Kleypas challenge?  I think we may have to step it up a bit, what do you think?  Leave your progress in the comments!

10 Books
Cat 3 – Kaptured by Kleypas 
Read: 3

9 Books
Cat 3 – Kaptured by Kleypas 
Read: 0

19 Books
Cat 5 – Kleypas Krazy 
Read: 0

3 Books
Cat 1 – Popping Your Kleypas Cherry
Read: 0

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i don’t know the exact count but i have read at least 4-5 kleypas books this year so far. i still have 3 wallflower books and rainshadow road to read as well as the travises. i love lisa kleypas. 🙂