Brotherhood Dress-Up: Shellan’s Fashion PAYNE

Payne wears the white that mark the Chosen. But I don’t really think this style suits her. Verily, she has some fire. Mayhap some tight jeans and some jewelry can make her feel more like the fighter that she is?
The UTC fashion police gives Payne a grade of B for driving us crazy with all the “verily”. It’s almost a good thing that she is a fighter. Otherwise, Francesca here will try to punch her for saying it another time.
Payne says, “Verily, I can take you on.”

*claps Francesca on the back* I would back you up, but she’s got the Brotherhood behind her soo….*Annie starts to leave, doubles back* Here, take your whip!

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Virna DePaul

Love this!! Thanks! 🙂

Sophia Rose

Ha! This is great. Thanks!

The Librarian

Cool. I like that Bebasha’s in the pic. And Verily stay clear of Payne for your’ own savety yeah