Brotherhood Dress-Up: Shellan’s Fashion MARISSA

Marissa is known as the beauty of the entire vampire race. Her signature dress is the yellow gown that makes a hardened man like Butch pant like a puppy. As a member of the glymera, she has the means to dress in lavish gowns and jewelry, but what Marissa covets most of all is the love of her hellren and Safe House.

Now sporting a new look, Marissa spends her days at Safe House in a polished suit that screams authority and grace. Frumpy is not a word Marissa knows. No one is as elegant or classy as Marissa.

The UTC fashion police gives Marissa a grade of A for rocking the floor length gowns and heels without tripping over the hems.

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I love the green gown and the black pant suit!!!

Under the Covers

Me too!


Sophia Rose

Wow! Marissa’s models here look rocking. Love the blue gown!

Under the Covers

Me too, Sophia Rose! Which I could rock those dresses like she does!