Brotherhood Dress-Up: Shellan’s Fashion BETH

Beth has the coveted spot beside the Blind King which makes her the most important shellan of the vampire race. With that position comes a hot as hell hellren and…a lot of money to spend on clothes.The queen likes to keep things simple. Sky-high heels with booty-hugging jeans and a black form-fitting turtleneck shows off all her curves and  makes her presence known.

Let’s not forget her mating gown – the black and red dress that makes every woman feel like the most important girl in the world. But a queen is only a queen if she has her king by her side. And without Wrath hanging off her arm as seriously smoking eye-candy, Beth’s fashion wouldn’t be as coveted by all.

The UTC fashion police gives Beth a grade of  B+ for grace and class.

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Michelle Kelly

Oh wow, those jeans and that turtle neck are perfection. Well done. You’ve captured really well.

Paranormal Haven

What a fun post! That dress is beautiful.


LOVE IT!!! You ladies are so freakin’ original and creative!!!

Under the Covers

Thanks ladies!

Is that a nice way of saying crazy? Because we may be a little obsessed over this series. not that you could tell… at all.


Sophia Rose

Lovely gown examples!


That red dress is absolutely gorgeous!


I love that ring and this feature…looking forward to the other shellan’s fashion!!!