Battle of the Covers: UK vs USA Black Dagger Brotherhood

Black Dagger Brotherhood
by J.R. Ward
It’s approaching that time of year again…the latest Black Dagger Brotherhood release is due out on the 27th March, this time with Tohrment and No’One front and centre. We for one are vey excited, we have spent the last 12 months since Lover Unleashed was released speculating and dissecting every single word to try and work out what happens next; if Qhuinn and Blay will finally get there heads out their arses; how much of a bastard are the bastards; if this book will be when the werewolves show their furry faces and what the new book cover will look like.
We have the answer to atleast one of those things, so what do you think of the covers for the latest BDB books? I am trying to patriotic and love the UK editions…but I would be lying, gawd those covers are ugly, what the hell have they done to John Matthew!? Although  US Lover Reborn cover, it reminds of a Michael Bay movie and not in a good way…! What do you think?
                          US                                                      UK
                           US                                                   UK
                            US                                                          UK

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I have to admit that I like covers better. Not only do I enjoy the pictures, but I think the font is much better looking as well! 😉


I have to go with the US this time.


US for me too!


In this instance I’m going to have to go with the US covers too, but I will also say that usually the UK gets far better covers than the North America ones.

The new Anita Blake UK covers are an example.


the us are quite similar ( for the style) with the french one


They both look nice, but I prefer the US cover. The UK covers make the men seem too human and approachable.


I like the UK covers better. The US covers are too… ol’ skool romancey but the Uk cover are more modern, PNR.


I prefer the US covers.
When you use people on the cover I expect them to resemble the characters in the book.


I’m liking the US covers…


US covers for me…even though I’m not to keen on either Lover Reborn cover


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I am a stalker of all things that have to do with the “Brotherhood” I start stalking the internet usually around August for any info on the next book. A quote, a character, the cover… So when I first received a glimps of the cover of “Lover Mine”, A book I craved the minute I finished “Lover Avenged”, I was more than a little taken aback. They made my beautiful John Mathew look like a left over from “The Lord of the Rings”. I couldn’t tell if he was a troll or a hobbit. Maybe a mix of both. Maybe… Read more »


I prefer the US covers


My eyes keep going to the US covers so I’m going with US!

Shae Carcar

US all the way but i’m biased 🙂


ooh not a huge fan of the uk covers. the one thing i really like about the series is that the covers aren’t cheesy and i can read them in public without getting weird looks. romance cover makers need to update. there is a fine line between sexy and cheesy.


I’m going to go with USA – much hotter!

Vicky de Repentigny

US are more sensual. I prefer those ones.