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(more like 4.5 feathers!)
Rainshadow Road
(Friday Harbor #1)
by Lisa Kleypas

Welcome back to Friday Harbor! As an avid Lisa Kleypas reader, this book was at the top of my must-have list for quite awhile. Kleypas has a way to sneaking into one’s heart and settling in there with her words and characters. Rainshadow Road is no exception.

In this book, Kleypas takes on another Nolan brother, Sam who is known as the geeky brother. Sam owns the local vineyard in San Juan Island and is the care-free no-strings-attached kind of man.

For some, he’s the best remedy for a broken heart. However, that’s not what Lucy wants at the moment. She suffers from the worse kind of betrayal by two important people in her life. Her boyfriend, Kevin Pearson leaves her for another woman. Adding insult to injury is the fact that its Lucy’s younger sister, Alice.

When Lucy’s parents refuse to accept Kevin’s relationship with Alice at the cost of Lucy’s happiness, he calls in a favor and asks Sam Nolan to take Lucy out on a date. He and Alice believe that if Lucy got over her bitterness then she would be happy, which would thus make her parents happy and accept his new relationship with their younger daughter.

Despite this “favor” that Kevin calls in, Sam finds his way into Lucy’s life. A romance blossoms between Sam and Lucy on its own and despite Lucy’s initial reluctance in the beginning and Sam’s later reluctance as things get more serious, both of them can’t deny the attraction that they share.

Sam and Lucy’s story has Kleypas’s trademark all over it. Fusing the sweet and the not-so-sweet sides of life, Kleypas manages to put together two broken souls who find solace in one another, making them whole.

An interesting aspect of this story is that Kleypas incorporates a small magical element in it. Lucy has the ability to turn glass into living things, such as fireflies. I wasn’t too keen on this idea because I didn’t see how this enhanced the story. I thought perhaps that the author was going for a magical feel, however, Kleypas already writes magic. Her words, world and characters are enough. So I didn’t get it. I’m glad that she left this “gift” unexplained. It left that air of magic that I think she was trying to achieve.

Already I am itching for the next book in the series. Dream Lake will be a dream to read. I’m hoping that Alex gets the happy ending he deserves. He’s much too sour at the moment. Mark, Holly and Maggie make regular appearances in this one and I loved hearing about their great news! If you’re still on the fence about this series, jump! You won’t be disappointed.

*ARC provided by author

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Rainshadow Road sounds really good!!!


All Set!! This is going to be fun!!

Tea and Book and Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and Fantasy


Have added her books to my to buy list after reading the reviews. Thanks.


It seems great i can’t wait to see how she wrote this ” magical” part ^^

thanks you a lot

Eli Yanti

lisa kleypas, i’m her fans, love to win her book 😉


I haven’t read any of her contemporary books yet, I’ve only done the historical ones. I would like to give a contemporary a try.


This is remind me I’m not read her contemporary yet . And I have it all :facepalm.

I hear from some friend, rather than categorized into contemporary romance, Lisa Kleypas’s latest work more like woman fiction. Is it right?

BTW, thanks for the review Annie!


First thing, good luck to all!! This was great read, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Hi guys! thanks again for putting it all together, I hate to sound like a broken record, but, great job!!!
P.S. I’m glad you enjoyed the book, my sentiments exactly.


Looking forward to this one.


cheryl c

I really enjoyed CHRISTMAS EVE AT FRIDAY HARBOR, so I have been looking forward to this one!


Thanks so much for hosting this awesome giveaway! I LOVE Kleypas!!!

Kendra @ Reader’s Edyn


thank you for the review and giveaway. i just did a major kleypas marathon with the hathaways series (love!) and hope to catch up on friday harbor soon.


Thanks for hosting the Hop! I love your entry!

Bona Fide Reflections

Oy! Another book to add to the TBR continent! Your review is excellent. It gives a very comprehensive over view of the book. Thanks for the giveaway and hosting this blog hop.

Happy Reading,
Bona Fide Reflections


Thanks for the great spotlight! This book looks wonderful!


I’m so looking forward to this series!


I’m looking forward to reading Rainshadow Road.


Lisa Kleypas is one of my favorite authors. Would love to win the book!
mcv111 at hotmail(dot)com

Book Savvy Babe

I love Lisa Kleypas, she is an author that I can count on, I love everything that I have read by her. Thanks for the review, I can’t wait to read this one myself! Book Savvy Babe


thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway. i love Lisa’s books and it would be great to win one.

tammy ramey

Julie W

I love Lisa and her books and would LOVE to win a copy of Rainshadow Road! Thanks so much for the chance:)

Sophia Rose

Oh this story sounds so good just by the blurb and I enjoyed the one excerpt from it that I read.

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

Evan Blanc

Really great giveaway!!

Rhonda D

Thanks for the great giveaway! This books sounds awesome.


Thanks for the hop and for the review. I had added this to my wish list, and was totally unaware of the “magic” aspect. lisagk


I’m so excited about the release!
I love Lisa’s contemporary novels as much as the historical ones!

Under the Covers

Thanks everyone for participating in the hop and entering this giveaway!



I loved “Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor” and can’t wait for “Rainshadow Road” to be released.


Can’t wait to read Rainshadow Road. Sounds like a great book. Put this on my wishlist.



Thank you for the giveaway. I’m a fan of Lisa Kleypas’s books and particular enjoy her contemporaries.


Thanks for the review! Definitely moving Rainshadow Road way up on my shopping list!

elizabeth @ bookattict . com

Niina C

I started reading Lisa’s books week and a half ago and love them so dearly!

Brenda Demko

It sounds great! I haven’t read the first book in this series yet. I am soooo behind in my reading.
Thank you for reminding me! lol!


I absolutely loved the first Friday Harbor book…and I am such a massive Kleypas fan. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

Just re-read “Smooth Talking Stranger” to get a Kleypas fix. Counting the days…

Under the Covers

*sigh* Jack Travis!



I’ve just got Christmas at Lucky Harbour on my bookshelf waiting to be read. I look forward to starting this series:)

Thanks for this lovely giveaway:)