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Lady D

I thought this book was better than the previous, and the novella. I, like you, think the series is just getting better and better! I can’t wait for Fair Game!!!


So funny you reviewed this one today. I just finished it last night. I thought the noella was ok, but did not like Cry Wolf. I thought Hunting Ground was better, a little light weight, but enjoyable. I actually thought Anna’s progess may have been a little unbelieveably fast since she and Charles have only been together a month, after all that abuse. I guess her wolf half can explain her quicker recovery. I decided I would reread Cry Wolf and give it another chance. I do enjoy getting to know a bit more about Bran. Kind of wishing Briggs’… Read more »


I love both of these books. There is just something about Anna and Charles that I really like. I was really sad to hear that Fair Game will be the last A&O book.

Sophia Rose

Love the scene in the book that the cover art depicts. Can’t wait to read Fair Game!


Yep I definitely need to get and read this series!!!


This book sounds interesting!!! Love books with different paranormal creatures!!! Can’t wait to read the series!!! 🙂

Under the Covers

Thanks ladies! I think this series continues to get better and better as it goes on! I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one!



I love this series and it’s been too long since we heard from Charles and Anna — you’re right, it’s the tentative learning about each other that makes this story rich. (And I’m totally jealous that you have a copy already)

So glad to hear it’s a good read.


I loved this book! I’m a huge fan of this series and I agree, the series did get even better with this book.

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