Review + Giveaway: Lothaire by Kresley Cole

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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
Review + Giveaway: Lothaire by Kresley Cole
by Kresley Cole

5 Stars


Released: January 10, 2012
Series: Immortals After Dark #12
Published by Gallery Books
Pages: 468




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Lothaire the Enemy of Old possess an insatiable need for revenge against the Horde. After being cast out along with his Dacian mother by his father and King of the Horde vampires, Stefanovich, Lothaire vows to his mother that he will slay his father and become king one day. His plans include uniting the Dacian and Horde kingdoms together. This is his endgame, his raison d’etre.

That is until Elizabeth Pierce stumbles upon his life. Ellie, as she is most often called in this book could not be more different than Lothaire. He, dark, cunning and lethal. She, a spit-fire, loyal and loving. Though Ellie is a mere mortal, her body is inhabited by a death goddess named Saroya. Once powerful, Saroya is now condemned to live within mortal bodies. She lives to draw blood and deal death, which is why whenever Saroya surfaces and takes control of her body, Ellie wakes up to find herself in a bloodbath.

When Lothaire meets Saroya/Ellie, he becomes blooded. His heart begins to beat after centuries of remaining still. His lungs fill with breath once again. And … other things begin to stir to life. Naturally, Lothaire, the maddened and most feared vampire in the Lore believes that Saroya is his Bride, not the hillbilly mountain girl. But in order for him to claim his Bride, Lothaire must dispose of Ellie’s soul from the body and make Saroya immortal, a vampire like him.

To do this, he must obtain a ring. This ring holds his one chance to keep his Bride, except locating it is his greatest problem.

In the meantime, Lothaire saves Ellie from jail where she is being held and almost killed. Saving her from death row doesn’t get any points for him because Ellie actually wants to die. To die would mean there would be no more innocent deaths on her head, and Ellie wants nothing more than peace.

Together, Ellie and Lothaire combust. One who is used to getting his way all the time, Lothaire isn’t used to the way Ellie refuses him. There were times when I wanted to slap him for hurting Ellie, but as you read this book, you learn that Lothaire never had any relationships before this. He has no friends, just a ledger with names scrawled on the pages that record the debts that must be paid to him. His madness is his only company, forever torturing him, allowing him no reprieve.

Cole stays true to Lothaire’s character. She doesn’t suddenly make him a “good guy” now that he is the hero of his own book. Called the Enemy of Old, Lothaire has created that name for himself. He remains ruthless and cunning, sometimes to the point where his actions are unforgiveable.

Though a mere mortal, Ellie sinks his claws into Lothaire. It was enjoyable to read his emotions – confusion, anger, distrust. No one else throws Lothaire for a loop like Ellie does. Lothaire reacts to Ellie in a way no like other. It is only then that the question of Saroya being his true Bride arises:

“Are you certain she’s not your Bride?”
“Careful, Hag,” he warned her, seething that she would even consider Elizabeth for him. “Your past employers might have forgiven your impudence; I will not.”
“I never predicted your female would be Saroya.”
“In so many words, you did. ‘A great and fearless queen beloved by vampires, who will secure your throne for you,’” he said. “Ellie Ann, late of Appalachia, just isn’t going to inspire Hordely, vampirely love.”

Though their times together may not be all hearts and goo-goo eyes, apart, Ellie and Lothaire wither. It is this conversation with Nix, everyone’s favourite cray cray soothsayer that became one of my favourite parts of this book:


He scrubbed a hand over his face. “I didn’t feel old when I was with Elizabeth. I felt like a young vampire, just starting out with her. The world was ours for the taking.”
“I envy you that feeling.”
After several heartbeats, he admitted in a low voice, “I’d go back to the grave if it would force Elizabeth to love me.”

What I loved about this book is that Lothaire and Ellie choose to make their relationship work. Fate may play a big part in choosing a Bride, but Ellie has the ultimate say in all things. I loved watching Lothaire be brought to his knees by the woman he loves.

LOTHAIRE – just as the self-titled book entails – will demand your attention until you flip that last page! Just as addicting as the rest of the series, Cole is my new brand of crack. I’d do anything for that next hit!

*Review copy provided by publisher

(Speaking of next hit…the ending of this book opens up a lot of possibilities on whose book will be next!)



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About Kresley Cole

Kresley Cole is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the electrifying Immortals After Dark paranormal series and the young adult Arcana Chronicles. She has also written five award-winning historical romances.

Since her first novel was released in 2003, Kresley has published nineteen books with Simon & Schuster and has seen her releases translated into more than eighteen foreign languages. She has traveled over much of the world and draws from those experiences to create her memorable characters and settings. Two of her favorite places to visit include the rain forests of Central America and the Queensland area of Australia.

Cole’s trademark action, sensuality, and humor are exemplified in her popular Immortals After Dark Series, which revolves around the Lore, a secret stratum of hundreds of immortal creatures--ranging from Vampires to Lykae, Furies to Shifters, and Fey to Valkyrie--that each have their strengths, weaknesses, and age old prejudices against the others. Though they secretly live among humans, they constantly war among themselves, which gives her a lot of material.

In 2007, Kresley won the prestigious Romance Writers of America RITA award for best paranormal for her novel A Hunger Like No Other, and in January 2009, she became a #1 New York Times and Publishers Weekly bestseller with her sixth IAD installment, Kiss of a Demon King. In 2010, Kiss of a Demon King earned Kresley her second RITA award. 2011 brought Cole her second #1 NYT bestseller with Dreams of a Dark Warrior.

She lives in Florida with her husband and far too many animals. She spends any free time traveling and enjoys all things related to boats and water.

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