Review: Fire Study by Maria V Snyder

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Review: Fire Study by Maria V Snyder
Fire Study
by Maria V Snyder

3.5 Stars


Released: March 1, 2008
Series: Study #3
Published by Mira
Pages: 441

This is the final installment in the Study series, and Yelena is up against her most powerful opponent yet. A Fire Warper, a magician that resides in the Underworld and feeds off of souls. Soon the Council is Sitia is compromised and Yelena and her band of friends and allies must find away to stop this new power from taking over and causing war between Ixia and Sitia.

I found myself having trouble getting into this book, both Poison Study and Magic Study I enjoyed, espcially Posion Study, but this book didn’t suck me in the same way those first two did. I think this may have stemmed from a sense of disbelieve, but with this story I found myself skeptical. No one is as talented as Yelena, she is the most powerful magician, most powerful fighter etc etc and I found it a bit wearing that she more or less overcame everything almost single handedly. It was unrealistic and I felt no tension or sense of danger as I was just waiting for Yelena to perk up with one of her many talents and save everyone.

But, the book was still enjoyable and over all I thought the series was fantastic, I liked the world that had been created and the characters within it. This is well worth a read if you are looking for a fantasy read with some lovable characters and an interesting new world to explore.

Overall I give this series:

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