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I love this series as much as the other Patricia Brigg’s series, Mercy Thompson. I have not read any of the fantasy series…they must be good also as she/they are great writers.

Sophia Rose

I enjoyed this book for all the reasons you mentioned. After reading the Mercy series, it was nice to get this more insightful look at Bran and his past.

I look forward to seeing where this Anna and Charles series goes. Enjoying it so far!


Sounds like a series I need to add to my wishlist!!!!


First of all, I love the cover!!! Very eye catching!!! I can’t wait to read & get to know more about Anna & Charles!!!

Under the Covers

I love that we get to see Bran more in this one. It will be interesting to see what happens to Anna and Charles next!


I’m curious, I’ve seen the reviews for this series, but are you guys going to review the Mercy Thompson novels these books are based on?

Under the Covers Book Blog

We’ve actually all read the Mercy Thompson books here at UTC, we do have two of our reviews posted here. We might write reviews for the other books as well and post them, just kind of forgot to go back and do it but thanks for the reminder.


Awesome! I was wondering since usually people read those first and then this series, so I was curious. I’d love to see you review them and share them with everyone, I absolutely loved them!