December 2011 Monthly Recap

Another year has gone by.  Are you girls ready for 2012??  We are very happy at UTC that you’ve been with us in 2011 as we started our blog and have continued to support us.  We hope that we keep bringing you content that you enjoy in 2012 and always feel free to drop us a line and let us know how we are doing or what you’d like to see.  We love hearing from you and we love your comments!  So keep them coming!  So thank you!

Now, here’s a recap of interviews and guest posts this month:
* Mary Abshire: Guest Post
* Zoe Archer: Interview
* Amanda Bonilla: Guest Post
* Thea Harrison: Guest Post
* Larissa Ione: Interview
* Alexandra Ivy: Guest Post
* Teresa Medeiros: Interview
* Carrie Ann Ryan: Guest Post
* Jill Shalvis: Guest Post
* Cherise Sinclair: Guest Post
* J.D. Tyler: Interview
* Christine Young: Guest Post

Thank you so much to all the wonderful authors for stopping by and we want to especially thank our Author of the Month, Larissa Ione and Gena Showalter for being such a wonderful author and being game with all the requests we gave her!  You rock!

Reading on the Dark Side
Bring Me Home For Christmas is our Holiday special.  We wanted to give you some help with your holiday reading.  Click here

Love Is In The Air Blog Hop
We are hosting our very own giveaway blog hop for Valentine’s day.  If you have a blog and you’d like to host a giveaway for this hop, please be sure to sign up for it here.

UTC Best of 2011 Awards
The year is over and we are listing the best and worst of what we read in 2011:

* Suzanne and Annie’s Picks
* Francesca and Angela’s Picks

Mind Spill
What do you think we want from Santa?  Dear Santa… I Want It All!  Some of our wonderful authors this month wrote their letters to Santa, as well as their characters.  Click here

Demon Fight Club
The Lords of the Underworld were battling the Demonica demons in some unique categories and the results are in:

Most likely to bring you breakfast in bed
Lore vs Lucien
And the winner is: Lucien with 58% of the votes!

Most likely to be on the cover of GQ
Eidolon vs Paris
And the winner is: Eidolon with 55% of the votes!
I would turn bi for…
Sin vs Anya
And the winner is: Sin with 55% of the votes!

Most likely to gut you where you stand
Shade vs Maddox
And the winner is: Shade with 57% of the votes!

Most likely to give you the best one night stand of your life
Wraith vs William
And the winner is: Wraith with 75% of the votes!

If you want to check out this fun post, click here.

Cover Art
We want to thank Trish aka Pickyme for letting us use her beautiful artwork of Harvester (Lords of Deliverance) in our December cover.  Make sure you visit her blog, and follow her on Facebook, she does AMAZING work!

Happy New Year!!!

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Sophia Rose

I love reading the recap because it reminds me of just what a nice month it was to read all your blogs.
I blame the UTC team for my wish list growing like its on steroids and my book budget looking so puny. Love it! Thanks guys!

Looking forward to a new year and visiting such a great site. I cannot think of anything to improve and I enjoy the unique blends of traditional and indie, mulit-sub genres of romance. The reviews are well thought, but never pedantic, and the giveaway are anticipatory fun.

Best New Year Wishes!


Gasp! How could I have missed out on a LOTU fightclub!?! Must pay more attention in 2012!

Love your blog, hope you continue to enjoy it through 2012! Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!!! Thanks for all the great reccomendations!!!