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ARC Review: True Colors by Thea Harrison
True Colors

5 Stars

Book Info

Released: December 13, 2011
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Elder Races #3.5
Published by Samhain Publishing
Pages: 93
Format: ARC

“Deeper than love, more dangerous than lust, Wyr mated for life”

Sometimes loves hits at the most inopportune of times but when it does, for the Wyr, it’s forever. In this case, it happens in the midst of chaos.A “Wack’O” attempting divination is on a hunt to murder an elementary school teacher, Alice Clark. There have been murders of her kind in the past and now the murderer has struck again. There have been three deaths in a few days; all of them were her friends. Alice is devastated and finds herself under the protection of Detective Gideon Rhiel.For the life of me, I could not remember Gideon except for when he was mentioned in Storm’s Heart. He was considered to replace Tiago in his absence. And boy, he is definitely just as hot, big, dangerous and every bit as protective. I truly enjoyed reading about him.

Alice however, I am not exactly sure how I feel about her. She definitely is strong, surviving such an ordeal, but she is not the heroine I’m used to. In comparison to Pia, Tricks, and Carling, Alice is the total opposite. She is a schoolteacher, a chameleon Wyr who tries to blend in and stays out of the lime light. There is nothing wrong or bad with that, it’s actually sweet. But it’s not what I expected.

My only complain about this book is that it is too short, as all novellas are. It would have been nice to hear more of our H/h coming together. Oh and another complain is that I only got a glimpse of my man, Dragos. 🙁

The story takes place in the span of about 24 hours but Ms. Harrison did a great job giving our couple a love at first site and a HEA in a timely manner. Overall, I enjoyed this novella to tie me over until Oracle’s Moon’s release.

* ARC provided by Samhain Publishing

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About Thea Harrison

I write paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and other stuff. I taught myself to read when I was four. That was around the time I tried to ride my tricycle to work. I wasn't sure where work was, but I knew it had to be interesting if people went there every day. Now I combine my love of books with work, and I don't have to ride my tricycle to get there. My Elder Races series began May, 2011. You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook!

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Great review!! Can’t wait to read it!!
Soo excited!

~samantha Dacier~


i really loved the first book of this serie so i have to read this^^

thanks you so much


I am so excited to read this!


Can’t wait to read this. I have Thea’s other three books in her Elder Race series and I have the fourth pre-ordered. Thanks for the giveaway.


Such a great review – that’s very important for styles I haven’t read before.


Thank you!!!’ it’s a good read! Good luck on the giveaway!!!


Looking forward to this. Love the Elder Races…

Sophia Rose

Glad to know that you liked it. I haven’t read this series, but the excerpts looked great.

Thanks for the review!

awesome review!


Thanks for the great review! I’ve read and loved all the books in this series and I really want to read this novella!

Happy Holidays!


Great review…thanks for introducing me to another new author/series! Happy Holidays!



sounds great. thanks for the review

This is so being added to my to read list:) thank you for sharing!

Shelley B

I was an elementary school teacher. Now I’m retired and just read!


Thanks for the review. I’m not familiar with this work.


This comment has been removed by the author.


Novellas frequently end just when it seems the story is picking up. The next novel will be here soon.

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