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Awesome review! I love the Hollows series and did not even know there was a graphic novel out there. Definitely going to be picking that up soon!

Under the Covers

Thanks Jamie! Hope you enjoy it!


Sophia Rose

I appreciate what you said about this prequel graphic novel about POV and the illustrations. Good to know what one is getting if they must always order on line as I do.

I have only read one other graphic novel that was an urban fantasy and also a prequel. I was a little nervous to see my favorite characters visualized.

Thanks for the review!

I’ve yet to read it but do I have a copy. I think I’ve always thought of graphic novels and movies from books as the lazy person’s alternative to actually reading a good book. I can’t imagine compressing the story and looking at drawings will satisfy my need to see the world built in my head as I spend hours and hours reading a great book. But we’ll see.

Under the Covers

Yeah, it’s never the same as reading the actual book! But it was fun even though I didn’t think all characters were portrayed how I saw them. They will always look the way they’re supposed to in my head. Hope you enjoy it!


[…] you had the chance to read the first graphic novel for The Hollows, BLOOD WORK, you will know that these glimpses into the series are told from Ivy’s POV.  Also an […]

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