Review: Adam by Jacquelyn Frank

Review: Adam by Jacquelyn Frank

3.5 Stars

Book Info

Released: October 25, 2011
Series: Nightwalkers #6
Pages: 354

What a confusing book to rate! Not because of the time travel element lent over from sci-fi or highlander historical romances (why just Highlander ones, I have no idea!), but because the bits I liked best were the bits that didn’t have the main characters in; Adam and Jasmine. How can I rate a book where I found the main characters annoying and pretty much the same as all the other couples in this series? How can I rate a book when the main character didn’t actually appear until 20% through it, yet I like it all the better for it? It is a conundrum. But I settled on 3.5 feathers, as despite the repeatative, predictable and over wrought romance I liked the story and plot of the book.

Adam, Jacob’s elder brother, who went missing 400 years ago and hasn’t been seen since, so when he turns up at the precise moment he is needed it is a shock to everyone, especially the vampire bitch we all want to slap, Jasmine. After a brief encounter with him just before he disappeared she is left changed and wanting something she can’t name. When he reappears, it seems she knows exactly what she has been missing for the last 400 years. Adam. Mean while, Ruth the corrupted and evil Mind Demon has been gathering an army of disenchanted Nightwalkers and is almost ready to strike a devastating blow on the Nightwalkers that will see them falling apart.

What I didn’t like about this was very similar to what I didn’t like about the other books. The romance. I found myself skipping pages or skimming through as I didn’t have the patience to read a long drawn out love scene or listen to them having a deep converstaion about their feelings, I thought I would be safe from this with Jasmine, but clearly not even she can escape having an over dramatic heart to heart. But luckily in this one, although they are the couple in the book, they don’t seem to be the focus.

The focus of the book is the fight with Ruth. I really like Ruth, she is one of the better bad guys in the PNR world, she truely is evil, I love it. And watching all the different races and couple come together and have one final confrontation with her was fantastic and what I have been reading for. I loved these parts of the books they were exciting and I couldn’t wait to see what happened.

This series is a strange one for me, I continue reading them even though I know they will piss me off, but I can’t seem to help myself! But this one is one of favourites of the series and if you have read the other books in the series you should read it just to see what happens with Ruth!

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About Jacquelyn Frank

Jacquelyn Frank lives in the Western North Carolina mountain area around Asheville with her ten male cats (no, that isn’t a typo) and about ten thousand voices in her head. Rather than take heavy meds to chase them away, (the voices, not the cats) she indulges them and brings their stories to life. She’s lived in many places and worked many jobs, which she says makes her ‘colorful, not inconstant.’ She is always rescuing one stray or another, be they animal or human, and thinks the invention of electronic reading devices could only be improved if they could just manage to make them smell like ink and paper. A self-admitted techno-geek, she loves all kinds of gadgetry.

She believes every romance should have a happily ever after.

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You put this very well.. I was so irked with Jacquelynn Frank for not finishing this series that when I saw Adam I was ecstatic and yet the book itself was eh.. I hated it from the very prologue.. yeah… that was a killer.. and yet I kept moving.. the entire story arc was enough to get me through it. I wanted to know what happened to Ruth.. but I agree with you.. I could have lived without the rest of the book. and yet.. I look back and wonder if I hadn’t spent so long wanting this book would… Read more »


I liked this book a little bit more than you did, I think the audio made it a little more fun. This was my second Paranormal series I ever read, so it has special place in my heart, I felt in love with the characters. I don’t think I would like it as much if this series was one of the latest one I read or listen to, after reading so many paranormal books I’m a lot more picky about what I really like.She made us wait too long for this one(in my opinion).I wanted to let you know that… Read more »


I haven’t read this book yet and not sure what I will think of it. I really liked Noah but Frank does have a tendency to be very inner monologue heavy and the writing can be repetitive. And I hated Jasmine in the last book. Ha, guess I’ll just read it and see what happens. Thanks for the honest review.


Haven’t read any of her series yet. Sounds very intriguing!!! Can’t wait to read it!!! 🙂


Haven’t had the chance to read this series but after these reviews, I’m definitely bumping them up on my wishlist 🙂

Happy Holidays!


I haven’t read this series yet, but it’s in my TBR list.
Thanks for sharing.

dany7578 at hotmail dot com


I love this series. I can’t wait to read this