Dirty Little Secrets # 21


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What supernatural power would you NOT want to have?”
Our Answers:
Annie: I wouldn’t want to be able to hear the thoughts of others. It may come in handy once in awhile, but overall, I think I’d go insane with hearing every person’s thoughts. No filter. And that scares the crap out of me. 

Like imagine if you went out on a date and the guy is thinking about hitting second and third base. And all you hear is…”I just wanna -*Blanked out because it’s too explicit*” SUCH a distraction *winks*
Francesca:  I thought about mind reading as well, but you know what I really wouldn’t want… To see the future.  I don’t think I can handle knowing MY own future and then I keep thinking of Vishous (BDB) being tortured by the visions of how everyone he loves will die and not knowing when it would come and how to avoid it.  Or of Dallas (Alien Huntress) who has visions of the future and sometimes has to try to change the events he saw but usually ends up making a mess of it because things are not clear.  I wouldn’t want that!  Visions of the future are tricky and always open to interpretation.  Now, if the vision was more short term, say meet hot guy, then have a vision that you’ll be sweating the sheets together, then I might reconsider.

Angela: I really had to think of this one as I didn’t think I would refuse any supernatural powers.  If there is one thing I would NOT want is “The Touch of Midas”.  It’s just a power you cannot control.  No Gold in the world would outweigh the risk I would be taking around the people I love.  I cannot imagine turning my Fam Bam into gold…just not worth it. 
Unlimited Credit Gold/Black AMEX which clears out at month end, miraculously… that’s a different story. =)

Now it’s your turn!

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Perfectly flawed

I agree that hearing people’s thoughts would be a bad supernatural power but I think in time you would learn to handle it. In my opinion, seeing the future would be the one supernatural power I wouldn’t want. On one hand I would want to know what would happen but then again I wouldn’t want to learn something I couldn’t change, like something horrible happening to someone I love.

Kerry-Ann McDade

Ohhh defo hearing peoples thoughts would put you some awkward situations lol Hmm whats The Touch of Midas I’ve never heard of it before.

Awesome Question this week 🙂


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Hi Kerry, Touch Of Midas. He’s the dude who has the touch of gold. Whatever he touches turns to gold or riches.

Which I thought was a hard power to have. Where as other powers can possibly be honed or train to use. This will be a dissaster waiting to happen.
It was in my thoughts today as I shopped for new boots. 🙂


I would LOVE to hear peoples thoughts…seriously…all that juicy dirt and gossip?? You could make a fortune on blackmail alone! *coughs* I mean…yeah…that’s a terrible power…. 😛


great answers all around. I guess having any superpower come with some type of risk

Sharonda (SexxyBlogger)


I can agree that I would not like hearing other thoughts! I’d have to go fully hermit and live a small gave somewhere in lapland. 😉


Blue Shedevil

Good answers! Hearing others thoughts would be horrendous, and seeing the future….ugh! That makes me think of V knowing when all the Brothers die and not being able to stop it.


Touch Of Midas– I would hate that as well but I have to say that mind reading would still be worse on my list.


Hi! I was torn between hearing people’s thoughts and seeing death people…. so I choose the scariest one!

Poison Rose

Hmm… good points you ladies all bring up. I have to agree on the premonition part though, I DON’T want to see the future or what could happen to people. *shudders* It would do me in.

Thanks for sharing all your thoughts.


I never thought about seeing the future–that would be tough! I think a lot of people are picking mind-reading today (me included) … it would be awkward and noisy!


I definitely agree with all answers given- especially the power to read the mind’s of others, urgh!

The idea for my answer has came from the Demonica series by Larissa Ione…

Great question this week 🙂


Madame D

Those are good points ladies. Hearing peoples thoughts would suck ass at times. And any touch that doesn’t do you any favours would be awful.

Kati R

Nice answers. I’d go with hearing thoughts. Just no. Some people have wayyy too creepy thoughts if the weird looks on their faces are any indication but getting blasted by their thoughts, eep!

Sophia Rose

I saw that girl on the ‘x men’ whose very touch hurt others and I thought that would be terrible not to touch another person.


I think hearing other people’s thoughts could be among the hardest (though also useful).

But reading comments here has also made me realize seeing the future could be one of the worst super powers too- just a constant reminder that time is limited and things end. That would be such a melancholy, hopelessness inducing power. It would be enough to make most people crazy I think.


I agree with seeing the future that´s just awfull to have all that knowledgebut but don´t being able to interfere I don´t think i could do that


All those are great answers but I may want to read minds….Guys never talk and it makes me wonder…is there anything going on in there? Hello!


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