The Hollows on TV

Fans of The Hollows Rejoice!

I am soooo excited about this news I just had to share it with you! 

The Hollows has been optioned for small screen production through the CW network.

And it’s been written by Jordan Howley (Smallville).

Check out the CW Network Press Release

*insert screaming and jumping up and down here, while doing a happy dance*

Let’s hope this all works out because I would LOOOOOVE to see this series on TV.  I think Rachel has great potential to make the transition from paper to screen.

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I’ve had these books on my shelf FOREVER. I loaned the 1st book to two friends and neither of them could finish the book. So I’ve put this series on the back burner to read. I’ve heard good things about the series. I need to start reading before the show starts.

Under the Covers

Jen, I will be the first to say that I STRUGGLED through book 1. I almost put it down many times, and only my OCD of finishing a book made me get through it. However, I had book 2 so I started it, and it hooked me from there. If and when you start it, don’t let book one discourage you, there are a lot of good times in the series, great characters, even though is def light on the romance side is extremely entertaining!



Oh noes! I think I’ll be the only one not excited about it 🙁 Maybe. If it gets more people to read the books and love them as much as I do then yay! But if they change a bunch of stuff and throw it in a completely different direction boourns.

Under the Covers

Kim seems to be very involved with the writing of it so far, so I’m confident she’ll steer them in the right direction.