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Jim is one of my fave characters! I love this series and Drake…very sexy! Great review.

Great review. I recently discovered MacAlister. She sounds hilarious. May not be the most original, like you said, but still worth reading. Thank you for sharing that quote, that is just driving me to get this quicker. Great review again, thank you 🙂

Liz @ Fictional Candy

I’ve read two books by Katie MacAlister, and I love her already. I read #1 of the Silver Dragon Series (Playing with fire) and #1 in the Dark Ones (A girl’s guide to vampires). The Silver Dragon series book was excellent, Aisling and Jim are in that. I have a crush on the silver wyvern now lol. And books #2-3 waiting on my shelf…this was before I realized the Aisling Gray series came first, so hopefully it won’t throw me off too much! Great review!

I’ve only been able to read on of Katie’s books and your right. They’re funny. Great review!

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