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Shae Carcar

omg this is the thing that I don’t like about adult romance books. they are awesome, I’ll be the first to admit it. But the character on the cover, is always nearly naked. Meaning, I can’t take that book out to read with me. To school, or work, or anywhere lol.


Well that’s one of the reasons I love Kindle and e Books. No one can see what I’m reading! Yes mostly all romances, paranormal or not are mostly nude covers or at the very least showing allot of skin (though I’m certainly not complaining one bit.) Awesome review TY will add to my-reading list on good-reads. Cheers!!

Sophia Rose

The review is helpful in knowing what to expect once one is past such a distractable cover (-;

I love the fairytale/wolf idea and look forward to checking the book out for myself.

Thanks for posting!


i love the concept, i din’t know this serie until your review so i’m really happy to discover it



I love fairytales!!!!
And I agee with Suz, I would but this book kust for the cover. Lol


This comment has been removed by the author.


i have the first 2 books waiting to be read on my kindle – i am keeping them all until they are all released, then i will sit down and read them all at once 🙂

Allison W

Can’t wait to read this and the rest of the house of shadows series!

I’ve gotta start this series!


Francesca don’t let Suzanne lick the book…that’s just gross! Even if I DO agree that Dayne’s chest does look lickable…no one wants a ‘damp book’! AND…what about his name…Dayne…coolest name ever?!? Neither of you mentioned that! His name alone brings visions of…well…you know. Anyway…looking forward to reading it…as well as the others in the Royal House of Shadows series.

[email protected]

debbie h

OOh, thanks for the review. I love Jessica’s work can’t wait to read this one too


Can’t wait to read this and the rest of the house of shadows series!


Thanks for your views on this book! It sounded very interesting and I plan on reading it sometime!


Anne R

Thanks for your honest opinions on this book.

The story sounds very interesting.

June M.

Oh my! Love that cover! I have been wanting to read this book (new to me author) because of the series. I think it is great that the different authors wrote the series, one book each.

@Shae: Have you ever thought of a book cover?

The Book Diva

This author and series are new to me. I look forward to checking them out. 🙂 If I get a book on paperback that has a cover like this I use a book cover or I make sure I buy the ebook for my nook 😉

Jolene and Family

I love fairytales redone!!! This will be a must by for me 🙂

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