If you’ve been following my reading lately, you’d know that I’ve been tearing through the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. I finished most of the series this week, including the awesome novellas for Jim and Andrea. I have said this countless times this week, but I will say it again! READ THIS SERIES! Suzanne got me hooked on it and now my knees hurt from groveling too much. Thanks Suz ;P

Anyways, back to the Moanday pick! This is a good one! His name is Chris Hemsworth and he is as hot as a thousand fiery suns. I actually think he’d make a good Curran from the Kate Daniels series, which is why he’s this week’s HOTTIE OF THE WEEK!

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Oh. My. Thor!!!

Under the Covers

hehe, you like? 😛

Jen at Red Hot Books

Um. Shirt off, please?


I miss this hottie weeks!!! Stupid slow connection! =(
And I’m with Jen here… where are his naked pics? At last, shirtless please?

Lauren B

Just saw Thor the other day. OMG! I love the baby blues!


God Gawd Almighty – this man is gorgeous! Need to see much more of him on the big screen.

Under the Covers

Sorry ladies, I have having issues with posting pics on this for some reason. I had man boobs to show you guys, but they weren’t showing up. So I had no choice but to take em off. Sorry!!!


Laura Ashlee

Not going to lie. He was the entire reason I went to see Thor. Just like Jason Momoa was the entire reason I went to see Conan. Gotta love those beautiful men.

Under the Covers

*sigh* Jason Momoaaaa

I love this man. My mom even has a crush on him LOL! I am with Laura, as much as I like the story of Thor, he was my main reason for seeing it. Everything about him is just incredible especially his voice, I love hearing him talk. Oh, I think this is the pic you guys were looking for.


One of the best pics I bookmarked LOL! Great post ladies 🙂