Dirty Little Secret # 16


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If you could jump into a time travel machine and it takes you back to when you were a kid, what would your TV be playing then?
Our Answer:
I was seriously obsessed with Candy, Candy. I never missed an episode, and watched any re-runs they had. I always wanted Candy to end up with the sexy bad boy Terry. So that was my girly obsession. But of course, I also LOVED Thundercats!! Lion-O was THE man, I loved Cheetara, and I kinda had a crush on Tygra. 
Suzanne: I have never heard of Candy, Candy! 
Francesca: It’s a Japanese anime. 
Suzanne: Ohhh, I wasn’t cool enough for anime LOL

I seemed to like all the boy shows, mainly cos my dad liked them and used his children as a shameless excuse to watch them! My favourites were: X-Men, Spiderman, Heman, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and Thundercats.


DON’T LAUGH! I really liked the Power Rangers when I was little. I wanted to be the pink Ranger. She was all kinds of awesome. Also, Sailor Moon because she was boss back then. I cried with Damien almost died!!!! 
Suzanne: *tries not to laugh at Annie* POWER RANGERS!!! Shame on you Annie LOL! 
Francesca:  OMG Annie!!!!! I am with Suz trying not to laugh! LMFAO Sorry that just escaped. 
Annie: I had a thing for the Red Ranger. And the Green one. I remember.  Tommy and Jason, i think their names were. Pssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh They were really cook, ok!?! 
Francesca: LMAO didn’t know the power rangers could cook too! Damn!
Suzanne: Maybe we should like them, they can fight evil claymen and then come home and cook us up a nice meal! LOL! 
Annie: LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I HATE YOU GUYS! I dont even know what I was trying to say right there. I….I..I GIVE UP! I dont remember. LMFAO!!  Really cool. They were ice. ICE, man!!! 
Suzanne: OMG LMAO! You can’t defend Power Rangers, sorry Annie, but go sit in the seat of shame LOL! I will get the green ranger to cook you up something nice later : D

Now it’s your turn!!!

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Thundercats and never ending reruns of the Brady Bunch. I’m glad you guys had it up ther I don’t feel to bad.
But then I watched original Power Rangers too. I loved Trini the yellow ranger. Hiyaaah!

True Pleasures

I actually just found out about Candy, Candy! from a k-drama I’m watching called “Dal Ja’s Spring”. One of the guys that’s in love with Oh Dal Ja is reading the manga in order to understand what women want out of a man in a relationship.

Thanks for hosting! Here’s my Dirty Little Secret


I love anime, but never her of Candy…hmmm. Thunndercats was the bomb! But Power Ranges…lol! wow!


Annie, when I was a kid I thought I WAS the Pink Ranger!!! We were both brunettes & gymnasts, so OBVIOUSLY we were meant to be BFFs forever. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Power Rangers! I also LOVED Bobby’s World (“Dontcha know, Bobby!”), Captain Planet, & Sonic the Hedgehog! LOL!


Pokemon and Sailor Moon for me. Lol Great question. LOL

LOL. You go you sexy pink power ranger.

I admire your honesty Annie.

Sam S2

Power rangers rocked! Here in AUS they have a dodgy re make of it…really really bad. Come check out mine


Madame D

*hides face while running the other way* Annie!! Are you serious? You’re lucky i love you woman. LOL


I LOVED Power Rangers!!!!!!! I’m totally with you on that. 🙂

D. Scandal

I wanted to be the pink Power Ranger too!!


I love Power Ranger… I used to watched the one with Alyssa Milano …! But my fav TV show was Sailor Moon! YEAH!


I watched the Power Rangers too! I’d go over my neighbors house and we would sit there together and watch every episode and then pretend we were Power Rangers. I was always the Pink Ranger and he was the Red Ranger.


Power Rangers were the shit!! Tommy(Green Ranger) was soooo hot at the time!! I loved him!! Thundercats was my favorite show back in the day…Lion-O!!!OMG….ah the memories!

Blue Shedevil

OMG!! My kid watched these…..I’m soooo old.

Poison Rose

Gah! Whats with all you Ranger fans! Yikes…LOL. I can do better :-p

Here’s mine: Dirty Little Secret #2

Cocktails and Books

Wow! I feel old, as the original Power Rangers came out while I was in college! Here’s my DLS: http://www.cocktailsandbooks.com/2011/10/dirty-little-secrets-10.html

Under the Covers

I just wanted to come here and say that POWER RANGERS RULE! I was just as kickass at a younger age. Like I said, Cool as ice! Francesca and Suz are jealous. That is all.



Don’t worry Annie..
I’m with you here. To be honest, I love Sailor Moon and Power Rangers too. I think I have a crush to Tommy and so much jealousy toward Kimberly =P And don’t forget that cute robot Alpha..(yes I still remember that time perfectly)

For Sailor Moon, I blame it to all that sailor for my child dream to become astronaut 😐


Under the Covers – Ann@ Oh Sailor Moon…. What a wonderful 30 min tv show…. right after school! But her voice in french was very awfull!

I loved Sailor Moon when I was a kid and still do. I have a few episodes on DVD and I still like to Youtube them once in awhile when I want to re-live out my childhood. =)


Yeah I always enjoyed watching the Brady Bunch with my mom 🙂

Under the Covers

For all of you who love Power Rangers, I am ashamed ASHAMED of you LMAO! Don’t go encouraging Annie lol!

Suzanne @ Under the Covers