September 2011 Monthly Recap

September has come to an end! Is it just me or are these months flying by? We’re so thankful for our followers who have been with us through this month. Hopefully next month will bring bigger and better things for us! UTC would like to thank all the authors and publishers who worked with us this month! You make our jobs fun! Also, thank you to our Author of the Month, Julie James!

Here is a quick recap of the events we had this past September:

Author of the Month: Julie James
Special Feature: Honk if you Love Real Men
*Thank you to our blogger friends and authors who made this special feature happen! You guys rock!

Bella Andre
Eve Berlin
Moira Rogers
Vonda Sinclair
Stephanie Tyler

Reading on the Darkside: ACRO by Sydney Croft
If you’ve read the series, you’ll love our special feature; and if you haven’t, well, what are you waiting for?  Click here.

Battle of the Covers: Fallen Angels by J.R. Ward
The fallen angels are duking it out this month – US vs. UK! Find out which sexy covers wins here!

Mind Spill: My Bookish Boyfriend
We are showing off our ereaders! We love them so much that we wanted to reveal our love for them all with you. Don’t laugh now because I bet you adore yours too. See what we have to had here
Honorable mentions
Sometimes we at UTC stumble upon a book that we love so much that we have to share it with you guys. This month’s pick is…

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Kiru Taye

A really great round-up. And I love that cover!!! LOL


That cover is a delight!!!!