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Luv me some shape shifters!!! Especially if they’re eye candy & the story is filled with flaming HOT sex!!! 😉 Thanks for sharing, Suz!!! Definitely gonna check this read out!!! 😀


Awesome! I have to check this out now 🙂

Lauren B

I love shifters too and like you prefer them to vampires. I also loved this book. The thing that really grabbed me was the detailed world building.
Thanks for the review.


I remember Desire Untamed is one of some paranormal books I read when first I delved into this genre, and I love Pamela Palmer’s writing even the name kinda silly *snort*. And I never know that guy at cover is naked until I look it closer, lol

Under the Covers

Thanks guys : )

He’s naked? I am going to have to look at this cover closer!


I have this book in my TBR pile (because that yummy, oiled, naked man is Paul Marron!) but I haven’t read it yet. After reading your excellent review, maybe I should read it soon…

Good review Suz!


i love reading about shapeshifters at the moment so this book seems more than interesting

thanks you for the discovery


Lisa D

Love the feral warriors, always a good read…


Liked the review, love an untamed warrior. HOT!
Hot sex shifters sounds right up my alley!

mnjcarter @ charter . net

Sophia Rose

I know you are going to throw parts of your candle stubs at me, but while I like shifter tales, I am also in like with the other paranormal races too.

The idea of shifters who become different animals and the rest of this world Pamela created does sound good though. Look forward to reading the series.

June M.

I love PNR, both shifters and vamps, also demons and so on. I have been wanting to read this series for a while but have not started it yet. Thank you for the great review though. I will definitely have to start this series.


thanks for the great review! I’m always looking for new PNR and to have shapeshifters that are not just wolves is very interesting to me! Bring on the shapeshifting luv! I will definitely be adding this series to my wishlist!


The Feral Warriors is one of those series for me that you get because you just cant put those books down 🙂


Thanks for the review, series and author new to me, but now I’ll be looking to add them to my collection.


I am definitely going to have to read this

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