Review: Atlantis Rising by Alyssa Day

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Review: Atlantis Rising by Alyssa Day
Atlantis Rising

4.5 Stars

Book Info

Released: March 6, 2007
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Warriors of Poseidon #1
Pages: 280

Eleven thousand years ago, the sea god Poseidon assigned select warriors to protect humankind before the city of Atlantis was swallowed by the sea. Conlan, the high prince of Atlantis has broken of free of his torment by the evil Anubisa and is in search of the Trident, a relic that many people are after.

Instead, he encounters Riley Dawson, a social worker who seems to be having the day from hell. After her life has been threatened twice in the same night, she finds her saviour, the mysterious man who can control water, very alluring. Throughout the book, Conlan and Riley fight their attraction for one another. But as is the case with all romances, they can’t bare to stay away from each other.

I really enjoyed the characters in this series. In fact, I can’t wait to read about some of the other warriors of Poseidon! Riley was a great heroine. She was strong, smart and witty while also being vulnerable at the same time. I liked her confidence even as she was being thrust into a world she didn’t know existed before. She was a perfect match for Conlan, who seems completely enamoured by his little empath.

Ven and Alaric are the two that I want to read about! I loved Ven’s care-free attitude and his hilarious bantering with the other warriors. And poor Alaric! I am interested to hear what happens next with him and Quinn! Each of the warriors have their own personal curses they must deal with and I am very curious to see how things turn out for each of them. This book was a success in piquing my curiosity.

But it’s the worldbuilding that really caught my attention in this book. Ms. Day crafts such a complex and intriguing world that from just the prologue alone, I could tell how much research went into this novel. It was great to read about her take on the Atlantis tale and the little tweaks here and there where she inserted unexpected creatures. I especially liked the concept of vampires taking over Congress and the shapeshifters ruling the media. Very unique and highly entertaining. I’m sure as the series progresses, we’ll discover more to the wonderful world that Day has created.

I am very excited to read the rest of the books in this series. I’m sure they will be as promising as this first instalment in the Warriors of Poseidon. I’m so ready for Ven!

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About alyssa day

Alyssa Day is the pen name (and dark and tortured alter ego) of RITA award-winning author Alesia Holliday. She is a multiple finalist in the prestigious RITA awards for excellence in romance fiction and has won several awards for her novels.

ATLANTIS RISING was the first of Alyssa's Warriors of Poseidon novels for Berkley Publishing, and was featured on the cover of the March, 2007, issue of Romantic Times BOOKClub magazine! Additionally, it rocked the bestseller lists, hitting the Waldenbooks, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Bookscan, and the prestigious USA Today bestseller lists! ATLANTIS AWAKENING came along several months together and did the same thing - only better!! And then her anthology SHIFTER, with authors Angela Knight, Lora Leigh, and Virginia Kantra, spent three weeks on the prestigious New York Times bestseller list!

Her publisher was thrilled, her family was thrilled (they could eat!), her dogs were thrilled (bacon!!). Now she's happily writing her fingers off, deep in the world of Atlantis, the Warriors of Poseidon, and a new exciting group of allies (??), the Fae.

Alyssa has long been an avid fan of all things Atlantis, supernatural, and in any way pertaining to lost civilizations. When she was six, she told her mother that she would discover Atlantis one day—and now she has!

In 2006, Alyssa (writing as Alesia) was awarded the Romance Writers of America’s RITA® award. The RITA is the highest award of excellence in the genre of romance fiction. If we can get this new website on track, you'll see a picture on your right of Alyssa with her agent and editor the night she won the RITA® award.

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Oooh love the sound of this book! Thanks for the great review 😀

Under the Covers

Thanks Belle! Hope you find it your style!

Sophia Rose

I always like reading the first book in many series when a writer has created a new fantasy world for me to visit and new races/or takes on races for me to meet.

This series does look good.


I came back to read reviews of Alyssa’s books before entering a giveaway. I wanted to be sure I was interested in reading this series – I am!

I love Day’s world building and this was a fabulous start to an awesome series.


I love the Warriors of Poseidon series by Alyssa Day – ALL of her books are worth reading 🙂


“vampires taking over Congress and the shapeshifters ruling the media”? Really? Wow! Now I’m intrigued! Great review! Look forward to reading this one:)


Andrea I

I look forward to reading this series.


this series sounds great would so love to read these


Ooh, definitely need to read this series!