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I love this series. And, I think it is brave to make Chess so flawed. It said to me that one doesn’t have to be a perfect person to take heroic action or do what is needed even if it is dangerous. Lex’s drug use make her incredibly flawed and incredibly vulnerable. But, somehow she manages to do the right thing. Usually.

Great and well thought out review.

Under the Covers

Thanks Steph! I agree with you, I think the author took lots of chances with this book, which was refreshing.


Ooh I liked how you broke it into what you liked and didn’t like in neat little lists! Very cool! I liked this series as well, but the drug thing wasn’t a fave of mine either. But oh well! Still an interesting series!

[email protected]a GREAT read

Under the Covers

Thansk Jessica, have you read the rest of the series?

Denise Z

I enjoyed the pros and cons of the story. Thank you for sharing today.


Definitely a unique plot, but in a good way.

Denise Z

I have purchased this book and it is in the TBR, I will definitely have to move it up LOL Thanks for the toe-curling review 😉

Sophia Rose

I have just recently heard about this series so I look forward to reading it. The drug addiction is an interesting character flaw.

Thanks for sharing your review!

Carol L.

What a unique and probably unexpected storyline with her an addict. I’ll definitely read it and hope for her recovery. Thanks for the way you laid out your review likes and dislikes. 🙂
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

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