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Love the review!!!!!! I really need to get caught up on this series.


Love the conversation review. It seemed to cover all the stuff it needed too but was more fun to read! I can’t decide on a team. If you force me to chose I guess overall Snowdancer because Judd is ultimate fav. But Lucas is such a close second. Then if you add Hawke in with Judd I guess that pulls it over to Snowdancer?

Aw, hell. I don’t know. I like them all!

Under the Covers

Thanks Alyssa!! You NEEEEEEED to read this series!

Thanks Jenny! I can tell you’re extremely torn between this as I am! I simply cannot choose! Judd seems to be a fave though! Grrr, sexy!



Sooo, I know what you mean at Twitter, Annie..
(laugh until my stomach hurt)
Sorry, sorry…
Read UTC ladies review (minus Suzanne, where is she??) make me impatient to read this one. To be honest, I love Lucas more than Hawke, but I think I’ll change my mind after this ;D

Under the Covers

:D:D Hi Ren!!

The only reason why Suz isn’t here is because she hasn’t read the entire series yet. But she’s making her way through! I’m hoping she’ll fall in love with this series as much as France and I did.

HAWKE, HAWKE! He’s soo …grrrrr.



there’s no way i can answer that poll yet, LOL…i’m Team Changeling for now. but i’ve only read 4 books 🙁

i’ve loved Hawke from book 1….so i think it’s a given i’ll lovehim here….i’m still not a fan of Sienna but she’s still young and annoying.

only spoiler i found in there….Lucas and Sascha have a baby!?! i didn’t know that…but you all know me….hehe


I loved the review!! I need to read this series!!


OMG guys! That was fantastic! So much more interesting then the basic review! I love that it was a real covo between friends instead of one person just giving their opinion. Reviews are hard for me to write but this IM format I can really get into!

Under the Covers

Isn’t this review awesome!? I am so annoyed with myself, why haven’t I read this yet!



I don’t know what to love most. The revirw or the convo! ROTFLMFAOOOOOOOO

Under the Covers

Aww thanks Ang! LOL


lmaoo love love love the convo! I’m definitely team snowdancer!

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