Review: Hidden by Blood by Laurie London

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Review: Hidden by Blood by Laurie London
Hidden by Blood

4 Stars

Book Info

Released: June 1, 2011
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Sweetblood #1.5
Published by Harlequin Books
Pages: 86

Short and sweet. You HAVE to read this short story before moving on to book 2, even though is kind of unrelated, as it is the story of Finn and Brenna, Lily is Brenna’s friend and this book gives you an idea of Lily’s mental state prior to Embraced by Blood.

Now that being said… Brenna is a vampire. She has just received a scholarship to further her studies, only to realize that “someone” in her benefactors camp had kidnapped a very special person to her. Finn is a human, a sweetblood, and for a while Brenna was in a relationship with him until she was too scared she would take his blood and drain him. Except now she has to save him or the DarkBloods will kill him.

But what happens now that Finn’s eyes have been opened to the world of vampires and the importance of his blood to them? Now that he knows he is, quite literally, a drug to them. He won’t let Brenna keep him away any longer. He wants her back. She is the one for him. And he is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to be with her.

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Okay, a little about me. I'm a USA Today bestselling author of paranormal romance: the Sweetblood series (vampires) and the Iron Portal series (portals + people with special abilities). I live in the Seattle area with my family and a bunch of animals (which are interchangeable sometimes), including my horse.

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I really enjoyed this story, too!