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Great review! The premature inflammation is one of my FAVORITES!

Under the Covers

Hi Dee! It’s Ann. This is one of my fave of France’s reviews!

Under the Covers

Thanks girls! It’s Francesca! I think the premature inflammation is on my list of top quotes ever. It was hilarious!

Denise Z

I love this series and have only read the first three. This is definitely on the wishlist and I thank you for sharing 🙂


I read 1-4, so this will be my next stop. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. The Night Huntress series is one of my fave UF ever. Even if only rated 4 stars…her books are better than most one way or another. I’m sure I’m gonna enjoy this one just as much as the others. Thanks for the review 🙂


OOOOH! Thanks for an awesome review! I just got book one so I getting ready to start it. This review makes me want to hurry and catch up!

Sophia Rose

Enjoyed reading your review and had to check out the chapters you mentioned since it was a while since I read those parts. (-;


it one of my favorite. thanks for the review

gfc name: isabelle frisch

OMG! I can hardly wait to get further into this series! I just finished the first book and I thought it was AWESOME SAUCE. The quotes were great. LOVED them!

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