If you’re a romance fan, then I’m sure you’ve seen Paul Marron around. He’s on the cover of some of the hottest book covers out there including J.R. Ward’s Lover Avenged and Kresley Cole’s Kiss of a Demon King. The guy is GORGEOUS so I’m not complaining at all. In fact, put him on ALL the book covers! I’d buy them all just to drool over him!

Check him out on some of these gorgeous covers!

Paul is represented by the Heyman Talent Agency and is also an Undergear underwear model. According to their model profiles on their Facebook page, Paul dislikes sports, loves Megadeth and Deathstars and prefers briefs over boxers.

For more information and more drool-worthy fashion pictures, you can see Paul in action over at his website. He also has a blog, so make sure you check it out!

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Mmm…good choice, very yummy man! 😉

Under the Covers

LOL, thanks Sarah! Yummy man, indeed. He’s gorgeous!


Thanks for the pic “bow down to you all, esp for Annie *lol*”

Under the Covers

LOL!!! Thanks Ren! I insisted we do a post just for Marron. And the girls let me! Aren’t they nice? It’s hard to say no when someone is as hot as Marron!


God, he is hot! Excellent selection.

Under the Covers

LOL Thanks Jen!


Thats awesome!! He’s gorgeous…very lickable!

Under the Covers

Thanks! We’re already getting next week’s hottie ready for you girls! 😉


LOL! I will tell you if I find another hot cover by Marron again 😉

Just another suggestion for hottie at cover, maybe you want to investigation another hottie, Nathan Kamp? He is model at “Dark Needs at Night Edge” by Kresley Cole, and like Marron too, he had ton of cover!

Under the Covers

Hi Ren! It’s Ann and I WOULD LOVE THAT, thank you.

And we’re already working on that! He already have our hottie of the week planned out so you’ll have to keep an eye out for him! He’s gorgeous and on a ton of covers as well! I want him!

Madame D

Yummy!!! *wipes drool from chin* Where’s my choc sauce!!?

Under the Covers

It’s with your chains and whips *winks* LOL!


Virginia C

Gorgeous…and fascinating! What a career! Lordy–how many books has Paul helped to sell? A staggering amount to be sure!


omg that man will get me to buy any of the books that he is so nicely gracing the cover very nice pick indeed