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Seeing Stars by Megan Hart

Fans of Megan Hart rejoice!  We get two Hart releases in the same month!  Seeing Stars was previously published as “Anything You Want”.
Here’s the blurb:

Her new toy has something extra she hadn’t counted on. A soul-and an attitude. 
Only one week, and Milla Sulay will start her lonely new life on the Homestead planet Selkca. In anticipation, she’s booked passage aboard the Pleasure Princess, where she intends to make use of every amenity-including the Pleasurebots. Mandroids specially designed to give her whatever she wants. For as long as she wants it. 

Except there’s something decidedly unbot-like about the mouth-watering unit sent to her cabin.

Jarden’s surgical enhancements give him advantages over standard-issue human men, with one exception: he’s tired. Weary of servicing an endless parade of horny, arrogant women. Except his beautiful client can’t quite hide her vulnerability behind the disdainful diva act.

Before he can figure it out, the cruiser makes an unscheduled stop in Newcity airspace. Not good. In Newcity-speak, he’s a “mecho”…and not exactly legal. After years of working aboard the Princess to earn his freedom, the only place he’s headed is prison.

Then Milla unexpectedly makes him an offer he should refuse. Within minutes of having his dream snatched away, Jarden must decide if life as her field husband on Selcka is a way out-or simply trading one form of servitude for another. 

Warning: Contains space-bending sex, turbulent language, and artificial everything…except the one thing that’s guaranteed to arouse all your senses. Hang on, it’s gonna be a bump-and-grind ride!

This new book drops TODAY, May 10, 2011.  Make sure you get it!

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