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Top Ten: Large FamiliesTop Ten

Top Ten: Large Families

Whenever you start reading a romance where one of the protagonists has a million brothers, sisters and/or cousins you know you are about to get a series. Of course, whether or not you like the book will determine if this is a fact to celebrate or commiserate. In this Top Ten, we are going to give you our favourite books where the family tree could be more accurately described as a forest.   Neighbor from […]

Top Ten Books That Hit the Funny BoneTop Ten

Top Ten Books That Hit the Funny Bone

Posted February 17, 2017 by Suzanne in Top Ten, Under the Covers / 15 Comments

  I love a funny book, if a book manages to make me laugh then it is pretty much guaranteed to get a good review from me; I’m sucker for it. You can’t swing a cat in Romancelandia without hitting a tank load of angst and heartbreak, it seems like authors are all vying to see who can make you cry the most. Writing a “darker” book also seems to be synonymous in people’s mind […]

It Started as a Top Ten….Appreciating the UnderappreciatedTop Ten

It Started as a Top Ten….Appreciating the Underappreciated

Posted January 27, 2017 by Suzanne in Top Ten, Under the Covers / 15 Comments

Well, just like it states in the title…this started out as a Top Ten, we were going to share with you the ten books we love that we feel have been overlooked and underappreciated. Those books that despite having read and fallen in love with, no one else has either a) heard of the book you’re talking about or b) given it the loving fanfare it deserves. We were going to rectify the situation and […]

Most Anticipated Books: Second Half of 2016Top Ten

Most Anticipated Books: Second Half of 2016

We are now in that second half of the year and we are starting to look forward to the books that seemed too far away in January!  Here’s a list of the ones we here at UTC are dying to get our hands on and we think you should too.  So let’s get started, shall we? Dying for it because… This will come has no surprise to anyone here but of course the next Black […]

Book Tag: Annie’s Top 5 OTPsTop Ten

Book Tag: Annie’s Top 5 OTPs

Posted June 25, 2016 by Annie in Top Ten, Under the Covers / 13 Comments

If you spend any time on BookTube you may have seen the very popular book tags, so we thought it would be fun to jump in on some of them and share our opinions with you all.  And of course, letting you all hear it straight from the source (read video) is always more fun.  So let’s jump in with this week’s book tag! ANNIE’S TOP 5 OTPs This is actually an adaptation of a […]

Top Ten: RakesTop Ten

Top Ten: Rakes

When I say rakes, I am being polite, what I mean is our Top Ten Manwhores, rakes implies that they are all historical romance based, which they aren’t. This list is proclaiming our favourite heroes who definitely are not virgins, in fact their non-virginal and more stick-it-in-anything-that-stands-still attitude is what got them on the list. However, we can’t be too upset about their slutty past, it has given them some skillz, skillz that our intrepid […]

Top Ten Holiday Reading RecommendationsTop Ten

Top Ten Holiday Reading Recommendations

After the depressing sight of a Christmas tree and some advent calendars in shop windows since August, sometimes we all need a little push to get ourselves into the Christmas spirit when the final week is upon us. So, what better way to warm up our Christmas spirit then with the latest seasonal offering from your favourite author. Yes, seasonal reads can be overly sweet and cuter than anything has the right to be, but […]

Top 10: Most Anticipated Films 2016Top Ten

Top 10: Most Anticipated Films 2016

This list was hard! There are so many good films coming out next year, I’m looking forward to them almost as much as I am some book releases – only almost though, books are still top dog. Of course I (Suz) had to stop Ang from getting Zoolander on this list, it almost broke our friendship, I wasn’t sure if I could allow us to continue knowing that she likes that film. Anyways, ranting over, come and […]

Top Ten: Most Anticipated Books of 2016Top Ten

Top Ten: Most Anticipated Books of 2016

Is it almost 2016 already? How time flies, it doesn’t seem so long ago that we were perusing 2015 to see what we were desperate to read. Now, we are bringing in 2016 and yet again we have a list a mile long of the books us gals at Under the Covers can’t wait to get our grubby mitts on. These are our top ten most anticipated reads of 2016! Shadowed Blade Colbana Files # 5 […]

Top Ten: Character Deaths I Can’t Get OverTop Ten

Top Ten: Character Deaths I Can’t Get Over

First of all as you would imagine this post is spoilery.  Which is why we’ve hidden each name and explanation under a spoiler tag.  If you don’t want to know who dies in a particular book, don’t click it!  If you can handle it, go for it.  Also we ask that you are conscious when commenting on the post and only reference comments with the book name not actual character name so there’s no obvious […]