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Burning up July: Seven Days of Sin, GluttonyReading on the Dark Side

Burning up July: Seven Days of Sin, Gluttony

As the weather warms up, here at Under the Covers we also like to ratchet up the heat. So prepare for Burning up July 2017: Seven Days of Sin. This is because we little devils at Under the Covers are going to explore how our favourite erotic romance authors make the seven deadly sins burn oh so good. So prepare yourself for a week filled with the sexiest that romance has to offer you as we […]

Interview and Giveaway with Ilona AndrewsInterviews

Interview and Giveaway with Ilona Andrews

So excited to have Ilona Andrews here today to talk about the last (maybe?) Hidden Legacy novel, WILDFIRE, out July 25!  Definitely one of our favorite books/series of the year. How would you say Nevada has grown from the beginning of the series and what is your favorite thing about her? She is much more confident in herself and her abilities. Also, she had some preconceived notions about Primes, a very “us and them” mentality […]

Author Override: Christine FeehanAuthor Override

Author Override: Christine Feehan

A Leader is Chosen: Tariq Becomes Mikhail’s Ideal Choice to Lead the Carpathians in the United States Though we as readers met Carpathian Tariq in the novella Dark Crime, it isn’t really until Dark Carousel that we have a clear understanding that Tariq isn’t just a leader in his area, but has been chosen by Mikhail to be the leader of Carpathians in the entire United States. And there are very good reasons for this. […]