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Interview with Helena HuntingInterviews

Interview with Helena Hunting

Hi Helena, welcome to Under the Covers and congrats on your upcoming release SHACKING UP! This is a standalone title. For long time fans and readers of your work, what can they expect to be familiar as well as different in this story? Hi and thanks so much for having me here to talk about SHACKING UP! I think fans of the PUCKED series will connect with the humor, sassiness and quirkiness of Ruby, the […]

Video Interview with Leisa RayvenInterviews

Video Interview with Leisa Rayven

MISTER ROMANCE, the first book in Leisa Rayven’s new series is sharing with us about her writing, her life and her latest book!  And you all get to fall in love with her (and her accent) along with us!  Check it out below.     Available Now! Reading Order & Buy Links Click on the covers to buy the books    ♡ Don’t want to miss any of our posts? ♡  Follow Under the Covers: Facebook | Twitter […]

Interview and Giveaway with Roni LorenInterviews

Interview and Giveaway with Roni Loren

  Welcome back to Under the Covers, Roni! We’re so excited to talk to you about the second book in the Pleasure Principle series. What can you tell us more about BY THE HOUR? What can we expect to see in this book? Thanks for having me back! I’m really excited that By the Hour is finally coming out. This was a story I’ve been dying to write for a while. The heroine of this […]

Interview with Larissa Ione!Interviews

Interview with Larissa Ione!

Welcome back to Under the Covers, Larissa! We’re so excited for your next release RAZR, which is set in the Demonica world. This is one of our favorites! Thank you! It’s great to be here again! This is a novella. What would you say was the biggest obstacle you encountered while writing this story? Word count and complexity! I tend to be a bit wordy, and I like to write multiple plotlines, so writing novellas, […]

Interview and Giveaway with Shiloh WalkerInterviews

Interview and Giveaway with Shiloh Walker

Hi Shiloh, welcome back to Under the Covers! Since you’ve visited here last you started a new series called F*ck Club. With an interesting series title such as that, we have to ask what was the inspiration for the series? The heroine in this story is actually writing about male escorts. Can you tell us more about Shawntelle’s character? Weeeellll…Shawntelle’s got some secrets, so there’s not much I can say without giving away the story […]

Author Override: Abbie RoadsAuthor Override

Author Override: Abbie Roads

  A Day in the Life of Abbie Roads… It’s for the dogs. I wake up to Brindle using my shoulder as a pillow. The dogs go out the moment I open my eyes, or else I risk one of them having an accident. Brindle has separation anxiety and won’t go outside by herself. Rain, snow, sleet, hail—I’m traipsing around the yard waiting for her to find that magical place to tinkle. When we finally […]

Interview with Tara Sue MeInterviews

Interview with Tara Sue Me

    Welcome back to Under the Covers, Tara! Since you’re last visit here, you’ve written a new series called Lessons from the Rack. Can you tell us a little more about it? Sure, it’s about a BDSM academy set in the Pacific Northwest. I thought it’d be fun to explore the different types of relationships you’d expect in a school. Except I threw in some kink! You have a very interesting premise in MASTER […]

Author Override: Julie Ann WalkerAuthor Override

Author Override: Julie Ann Walker

  It was half past eight on a Wednesday night, so pickings were slim. Most of the patrons were single dudes looking to tie on a buzz before heading home to fall into bed, catch a few z’s, then wake up and start the daily grind all over again. A few couples were snuggled into the booths or sitting at the high-tops having a nightcap before calling it a day. And then there was the […]

Interview with Amy JareckiInterviews

Interview with Amy Jarecki

Welcome to Under the Covers, Amy! We’re excited to talk to you about your new series, the Lords of the Highlands. What can you tell us about this series? What can readers expect and where did the inspiration come from? Hi everyone, and thank you for inviting me to the Under the Covers blog today! I am so excited for the launch of the Lords of the Highlands series with book one, THE HIGHLAND DUKE! […]

Interview with Rachel HigginsonInterviews

Interview with Rachel Higginson

  Hi Rachel! Welcome to Under the Covers. Let’s get to know you a little bit better. Tell us five interesting things about yourself that readers wouldn’t know! Hi! Thank you so much for having me! Okay, five interesting things? Let’s see… 1. I’m a mom! I just had my fifth baby in December. My oldest is ten and they go down like stair steps from there all the way to the baby. So we’re […]