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Author Override: Rachel LaceyAuthor Override

Author Override: Rachel Lacey

Ryan paced the aisles of the grocery store. This afternoon he’d remembered something Emma had said to him a few weeks ago at Off-the-Grid, about how she wanted to have the kind of sex she’d only read about in romance novels. He had no friggin’ clue what kind of sex people had in those books, and he sure as hell couldn’t ask anyone about it so he was just going to have to wing it. […]

Author Override: Tamara MorganAuthor Override

Author Override: Tamara Morgan

I’ve never met a romance trope I didn’t like. Under the right hands, I’m more than happy to be transported into any wacky storyline the author cares to throw at me. Secret babies, mistaken identities, kidnappings…whatever you’ve got, I can take it. Of course, that’s not to say I don’t have my own personal favorites. There are a few tropes I’ll turn to time and time again—my one-click weaknesses, if you will. Heroine Disguised as […]

Author Override: Sara HumphreysAuthor Override

Author Override: Sara Humphreys

I’ve always loved the beauty and sheer majesty of dragon lore and I’m so excited that they’re now part of the Amvoeo universe. They’re shape-shifters like the Amoveo but they do have some differences. They are not 100% Amoveo shifters and consider themselves to be distant cousins of the ten Amoveo Clans. (There’s history there. No spoilers!) Here are 10 must-know facts about the Dragon Clan in UNDISCOVERED. 1. They can only shift into their […]

Author Override: Kasey LaneAuthor Override

Author Override: Kasey Lane

  EXCERPT Why did it seem like Jackson was always right? It was starting to get annoying. But she did want to know what had happened to make him run from her five years ago. So long ago she’d buried those feeling of want and abandonment under something she could control. Discipline. Control. And school. Jami felt completely unnerved under Jackson’s frank gaze. Afraid to know the truth, if he thought it was so bad […]

Author Override: Carolyn BrownAuthor Override

Author Override: Carolyn Brown

EXCERPT The gleam in the old cowboy’s blue eyes and the way he rubbed his chin were Adele’s first clues that he definitely had something up the sleeve of his faded, old work shirt. He glanced first at her and then over at Remington Luckadeau. She bit back a groan. The good old boys’ club was about to rear its head. They’d argue that ranching took brawn and muscle and that a woman couldn’t run […]

Author Override: Damon SuedeAuthor Override

Author Override: Damon Suede

  Hey gang! Thanks so much for inviting me to get Under the Covers with y’all during the release tour for Lickety Split, my new erotic cowboy contemporary. The book’s coming out on Monday 13 March, but in the meantime I have a saucy excerpt that Fran thought you might enjoy. EXCERPT In this excerpt from Chapter Four, the day after Patch & Tucker’s first awkward, intense sexual encounter Patch takes a dip in the […]

Author Override: Penny Reid & L.H. CoswayAuthor Override

Author Override: Penny Reid & L.H. Cosway

EXCERPT A memory—just a flash, a feeling—of him moving against me, the fine hairs of his legs just the right amount of rough along the smooth bare skin of my thighs, made me shiver. The silence that followed felt thick and unyielding, though the feeling was likely all one-sided. I was the only one who remembered. I was the only one who still revisited the memory. I was the only one who woke in the […]

Author Override: Paige TylerAuthor Override

Author Override: Paige Tyler

  Dreya Clark is a feline shifter. But she doesn’t turn into a cat. She does have the typical kitty claws, agility, night vision, and a love of all places high and dangerous. It’s probably a good thing that in addition to being a jewelry designer by day, Dreya also has a night job—as a cat burglar. The timeline below outlines one of Dreya’s typical days before Detective Braden Hayes arrested her in HER TRUE […]

Author Override: Sawyer BennettAuthor Override

Author Override: Sawyer Bennett

  When she finishes the song and only after the last chord fades away, I nod toward the ukulele in her hands and tell her in a gruff voice, “Put that down and come here.” Her eyebrows rise, but there’s clear interest in her eyes. “Come there?” she asks for clarification as she points to my body. I tap my chest. “Right here. Right on top of me.” Lexi’s cheeks flush and a little puff […]

A Scandalous Affair: Heather SnowAuthor Override

A Scandalous Affair: Heather Snow

Our historical romance week is winding down, but we have another great author that we HIGHLY recommend you check out if you haven’t yet.  Heather Snow writes beautiful historical romance with lots of heart and great characters!  If you take a look down memory lane (search on the blog) you will find our previous features and reviews on this author.  But she’s recently re-released the Veiled Seduction series so there’s no better time than now […]