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Author Override: Meghan QuinnAuthor Override

Author Override: Meghan Quinn

My life is full of glitz and glam. Think of the actress wearing a pink feather boa robe and the fluffly slippers ⇐ that’s me. You know the one drinking mimosas in the morning while lounging by the pool with huge sunglasses blocking out the rays. So, so me. Except . . . Trade in the word actress for mom and instead of a pink robe with fuzzy slippers, I usually wear mismatched pajamas and torn […]

Author Override: Penelope WardAuthor Override

Author Override: Penelope Ward

EXCERPT After that evening, I hadn’t heard back from him for a few days. Then, one night, a text came in from the same phone number I recognized as Landon’s. It was the first time he’d texted me. I looked down to find he’d sent a photo. I gasped. It was a heavily tatted man set against the backdrop of the ocean at sunset. Oh, my. It was him—a selfie. Fuck. Me. He was beautiful. […]

Author Override: Lara AdrianAuthor Override

Author Override: Lara Adrian

I close the door and lean against it with a heavy sigh after Nick returns to his car. What does it say about me that I can spend two hours looking after my terminally ill friend yet come home feeling sorry for myself when Nick practically ditches me at my front door? I feel adrift in my own house, left alone with just my thoughts and my worry for the friend I already feel slipping […]

Author Override: Christine FeehanAuthor Override

Author Override: Christine Feehan

A Leader is Chosen: Tariq Becomes Mikhail’s Ideal Choice to Lead the Carpathians in the United States Though we as readers met Carpathian Tariq in the novella Dark Crime, it isn’t really until Dark Carousel that we have a clear understanding that Tariq isn’t just a leader in his area, but has been chosen by Mikhail to be the leader of Carpathians in the entire United States. And there are very good reasons for this. […]

Author Override: Abbie RoadsAuthor Override

Author Override: Abbie Roads

  A Day in the Life of Abbie Roads… It’s for the dogs. I wake up to Brindle using my shoulder as a pillow. The dogs go out the moment I open my eyes, or else I risk one of them having an accident. Brindle has separation anxiety and won’t go outside by herself. Rain, snow, sleet, hail—I’m traipsing around the yard waiting for her to find that magical place to tinkle. When we finally […]

Author Override: Julie Ann WalkerAuthor Override

Author Override: Julie Ann Walker

  It was half past eight on a Wednesday night, so pickings were slim. Most of the patrons were single dudes looking to tie on a buzz before heading home to fall into bed, catch a few z’s, then wake up and start the daily grind all over again. A few couples were snuggled into the booths or sitting at the high-tops having a nightcap before calling it a day. And then there was the […]

Author Override: Rachel LaceyAuthor Override

Author Override: Rachel Lacey

Ryan paced the aisles of the grocery store. This afternoon he’d remembered something Emma had said to him a few weeks ago at Off-the-Grid, about how she wanted to have the kind of sex she’d only read about in romance novels. He had no friggin’ clue what kind of sex people had in those books, and he sure as hell couldn’t ask anyone about it so he was just going to have to wing it. […]

Author Override: Tamara MorganAuthor Override

Author Override: Tamara Morgan

I’ve never met a romance trope I didn’t like. Under the right hands, I’m more than happy to be transported into any wacky storyline the author cares to throw at me. Secret babies, mistaken identities, kidnappings…whatever you’ve got, I can take it. Of course, that’s not to say I don’t have my own personal favorites. There are a few tropes I’ll turn to time and time again—my one-click weaknesses, if you will. Heroine Disguised as […]

Author Override: Sara HumphreysAuthor Override

Author Override: Sara Humphreys

I’ve always loved the beauty and sheer majesty of dragon lore and I’m so excited that they’re now part of the Amvoeo universe. They’re shape-shifters like the Amoveo but they do have some differences. They are not 100% Amoveo shifters and consider themselves to be distant cousins of the ten Amoveo Clans. (There’s history there. No spoilers!) Here are 10 must-know facts about the Dragon Clan in UNDISCOVERED. 1. They can only shift into their […]

Author Override: Kasey LaneAuthor Override

Author Override: Kasey Lane

  EXCERPT Why did it seem like Jackson was always right? It was starting to get annoying. But she did want to know what had happened to make him run from her five years ago. So long ago she’d buried those feeling of want and abandonment under something she could control. Discipline. Control. And school. Jami felt completely unnerved under Jackson’s frank gaze. Afraid to know the truth, if he thought it was so bad […]