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ROAD TO RT: AfterReading on the Dark Side


After As you get ready to leave and go back home *insert sad face here* these are a few things you may want to consider. Books Did you buy too many books or pick up too much swag?  If you bring a luggage scale with you, you may be able to figure out if you’ll be overweight.  You can bring a tote bag with you, so you can always carry your heavy stuff as a carry […]

ROAD TO RT: DuringReading on the Dark Side

ROAD TO RT: During

During While RT is in full swing, first of all…. don’t let it overwhelm you!  It’s so easy to get over excited by seeing your favorite authors that you end up cornering them in the elevator and make them want to run away from you (I’m looking at you Angela!)  So here are a few things to keep in mind while the convention is already under way. Wake up early! I know there are late […]

ROAD TO RT: BeforeReading on the Dark Side

ROAD TO RT: Before

Before So you have your ticket and you’re ready to go!  If this is your first time, you may want to consider the following tips. Accommodations I’ve always recommended staying at the host hotel.  Here’s my reason why.  You may go to panels or events or signings and come out of there packed full of books and goodies.  If you are staying at the host hotel you can simply go up to your room, dump […]