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Take a seat, grab some popcorn and an ice refreshing beverage and lets Netflix and chill. No you dirty minded individuals not like that, we want to share with you some recommendations about what we are watching and listening to. For those times when you just need to put your book down and plonk in front of the TV and relax. Whether it’s on Netflix, Amazon Prime, regular TV channels or a podcast, we are going to let you know what shows, films and podcasts we’ve been enjoying and share the love.



Where did the month go?  Seriously, I feel like I was in a reading slump and then I also didn’t watch much TV.  So I don’t have much to share.  I did finally watch a couple of movies so you’ll get those mini reviews here.

Starting with FIFTY SHADES FREED.  Confession time.  I never read the third book.  I just completely lost interest to even know how the story ended.  And this was back in the day when it was originally published before the massive hype.  I also didn’t watch the second movie because the first didn’t necessarily blow me away.  But my friend managed to drag me with her to watch Freed and …. what a waste of a couple of hours of my time.  The movie was predictable, the plot was boring (was there much of one?) and here comes my very unpopular opinion… I really don’t find Jamie Dornan attractive in any way, shape or form.  And in this movie he looked even worst to me.  Overall?  I’m finding it in my heart to be generous and give this a 2 star out of 5.

I also finally watched JUSTICE LEAGUE.  Jesus, I know!  I wanted to from before it came out and then life happened and I didn’t.  The movie wasn’t bad, but it was no WONDER WOMAN.  I think I’m spoiled now.  But you may expect this… there was one thing that kept me interested and drooling… Jason Momoa.  No, his acting wasn’t the best of the bunch but he made the movie great.  He had great lines and I loved Aquaman’s overall attitude. 😉  I think in the end I can only give this a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

And then I have MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS.  I loved the book since I was a kid.  Agatha Christie was a staple author of my childhood.  And I was so excited about this book I re-read the book before it came out.  The cast of this couldn’t have been more exciting!  And then… it sort of all felt a bit anti-climatic and less than what I was expecting.  Am I the only one feeling this?  I gave the movie a generous 3 out of 5 stars because of the amazing acting and the beautiful landscapes.

Also, I’m going to fill in for Suzanne and be the podcast person this month.  I generally don’t listen to podcasts and the ones that I do listen to on occasion are not book related.  But this month I stumbled across a new podcast by two romance authors, so in case you haven’t checked it out, you may want to give it a try.  The TropesIRL podcast is hosted by Laurelin Paige and Kayti McGee and I listened to their first podcast about the stigma of reading romance.  Always a topic I love to discuss!  I loved the fact they addressed the NY Times article from last year but also talked about the fact that a lot of the stigma comes from other women.  We have to be nicer to each, people!  While I think they were a little scattered at first, I actually enjoyed the podcast and will listen to the next few they have released in March.


I haven’t watched much TV this month, but I have dragged myself to the cinema and have seen a couple of films. The first film I saw was BLACK PANTHER. There’s been so much fanfare around this film owing to it being the first superhero film with a black hero and an (almost) all black cast. However, what struck me about this film was more the totally badass females in it!

For me they completely out shone the character of the Black Panther, they were fierce, intelligent and absolutely stunning, I was a little in awe. The film itself…I thought it was average with plot holes you could drive a truck through, but I mostly managed to switch off my overly critical brain and sit back and enjoy it for what it was: an action packed adventure.

The second film I saw this month was THE SHAPE OF WATER. I loved it. It took my breath away, it was so beautiful. At its heart it was a fairy tale romance, however, if I tell you the bare bones it sounds just like one of my weird alien sci-fi romances. Woman falls in love with weird lizard/fish guy and tries to save him from the lair of the evil government. But, when you watch it, it transform into magical realism with an undercurrent of political tension. As romance fans, I highly recommend that you grab yourself some popcorn and trek out to see this immediately.




I’ve been mainly watching reality TV shows but there are literally so many that it would be so hard to list. But the main one is Got7’s Working Holiday in Jeju. It’s airing now and coming out each week. I am desperate for the next one already!

I also finally watched Superman Vs. Batman. I quite enjoyed it.  I mean, Henry Cavill is shirtless in it so there was no doubt that I was going to like it, right? I also watched Minions, but I didn’t think it was as good. I’ll probably stick with the original next time.



Soo, DH and I are up to date with The Walking Dead.  I’m bummed with the most recent death within the main characters, but whatever.  We’re in limbo right now with nothing to binge on.  We haven’t decided on anything as we are looking for a fantasy/fiction genre and nothing is catching our interest.  Maybe I can get DH to watch the Fifty movies with me. LOL. I”m bummed Fran rated it only at 2/5.  Meh, maybe when it becomes available On-Demand.  We did try episode 1 of Knightfall(Knights Templar) last night and it was good, but it’s a new series and we’re mostly looking for something to binge on as we don’t have the patience to wait for weekly episodes at this time. I know, I know, we’re lazy that way. LOL.  So if you have any recommendations that would be awesome.



What are you all watching/listening to?
Share with us in the comments!


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12 responses to “Keeping it Reel: March 2018

  1. Elizabeth

    I have been watching the weather channel mostly with all these storms and some spring training baseball

  2. I am so glad you liked The Shape of Water, Suzanne! I adored it! Some authors are coming down on how the women are treated in it, but that is exactly why it’s set in the 50s! That’s how they were treated back then. I just adored it. And, as a sign language interpreter with a Deaf son, I was thrilled to see ASL used so beautifully (and accurately!) in it.

    I’m dying to see Black Panther. The minute I get back to the states…

    Thanks for the rec’s, all!
    Darynda recently posted…OUT NOW! The Trouble with Twelfth Grave is available in Mass Paperback!My Profile

    • OH! And one more thing, Fran. I was in that position precisely. Jamie just didn’t do it for me. I mean, he’s beautiful and all, but I didn’t get that little thump-thump of the heart when I looked at him, UNTIL! And this may be saying way more about me than most people want to know, but until I watched The Fall. O. M. G. I loved that show so, so much. Hated with a fiery passion the ending of the third season. It broke my heart. I saw it going all kinds of directions except the one they chose and I was not happy, but they didn’t ask me. Weird, right?

      But after seeing that show, I am all about Mr. Dornan. Holy cow.
      Darynda recently posted…OUT NOW! The Trouble with Twelfth Grave is available in Mass Paperback!My Profile

    • I loved it, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went in, but it wowed me. I agree, it was set in the 50’s where homophobia, sexism and racism were rife, portraying it any differently would have been insulting to anyone who had to endure those isms. I also thought it made the fact that the “heroes” of the story were black, gay and mute that much more remarkable. Everyone overlooked and underestimated them.

      I’m glad the ASL was accurate! I did wonder when I was watching it, if there were ASL users (speakers? I’m not sure of the right word!) that were rolling their eyes in despair!

      Under the Covers Book Blog recently posted…Keeping it Reel: March 2018My Profile

  3. Michelle Mismas

    I recently binged Everything Sucks on Netflix and it was so angsty and sweet. It’s a teen drama set in the 90s about kids in the AV and drama clubs. I think of it like Freaks & Geeks meets My So Called Life with a hint of old school Degrassi.

  4. Amy R

    I went and saw Black Panther, with all the hype I was expecting more. My favorite character was his sister, she was my favorite from the movie.

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